100+ Pre-Wedding Photos, Fun Ideas and Poses

100+ Pre-Wedding Photos, Fun Ideas and Poses


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Couple takes their Pre-Wedding Photos to the lavatory


Pre-wedding photos, like we understand, are photos taken from the start of a couples engagement period and up until the wedding day.


Pre-wedding photos are usually taken three to six months prior to the wedding day.


A lot of would-be couples are beginning to wonder if pre wedding photos are really that necessary.


In my opinion, it’s still a necessity after all you be needing pre wedding photo shoot for your wedding invitation card, souvenirs and others.


Pre wedding photos also gives you a chance to get to know your photographer very well in advance before the wedding day.



Do you need a tested and trusted professional photographer for your wedding shoots at reasonable price?  Write us a comment so we can forward the details of a great photographer to you.


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Romantic slightly bends his girl into his arms in exciting Pre-Wedding Photos


An early communication between you and your photographer, helps the photographer to understand the couple better and to create suitable settings that’ll clearly emphasize the romantic emotions shared by the couple in the photo shoot.


In these article, 100+ Pre-Wedding Photos, Fun Ideas and Poses I’ll share with you more than 100 fun pre-wedding photo ideas.


Along side this, i’ll help you with answers to important questions you need to know such as:

  • How much does a pre-wedding shoot cost?
  • How long do pre-wedding pictures take?
  • When should  pre-wedding photos be taken?
  • Can a photographer use my wedding photos?


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Charming Pre-Wedding Photos as handsome dude romantically holds his lovely babe across the neck




Pre wedding Photoshoots

Pre-wedding photoshoots are meant to be fun moments for would be couples to connect.


It is at pre-wedding photoshoots that a photographer can easily read how emotionally connected a couple really are.


A good photographer would also create settings and capture moments that flatter the emotions that the couples share.


Then we ask, “How much should a pre-wedding shoot cost?” 


The cost of pre-wedding shoot vary from photographer to photographer. Some photographers charge between


However, a pre wedding shoot typically cost around  35,000 naira.


To request for your own pre-wedding shoot write us a comment and we’d forward the details of a great photographer to you.


The charges for pre wedding shoot vary based on different factors such as shoot location, duration, concept, equipment used, etc.


For a destination pre wedding shoot, a couple usually has to bear their travel and accommodation charges.





Pre wedding Photoshoots

Ravishing black couple romantically glued in cute Pre wedding Photoshoots












Fun Wedding Picture Ideas

Fun Wedding Picture Ideas is a collection of amusing and funny pre-wedding photos.


Some of these fun wedding picture ideas are super funny, some went over the bar and some I don’t seem to understand the concept.


So, you might want to pick some ideas from here or simply have a good laugh looking at it.


How long do pre-wedding pictures take?

A good pre-wedding photo requires good pre-thought.

The varieties of pre-wedding picture collections in this article can also help you in your planning. Planning ahead would include giving thought to location, style, props to use and more.

This early planing style can help you save valuable time, stress and confusion during the days of  your pre-wedding pictures.























Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Pre-wedding photoshoot ideas are simple but interesting pre-wedding picture ideas.


I hope you’d learn a thing or more styles from these pre-wedding photoshoot ideas.


I’ll be updating more and more of these pre-wedding photoshoot ideas as we proceed.


When should  pre-wedding photos be taken?










Pre-wedding Photoshoot Styles

Here is another collections of cute pre wedding photoshoot styles you’d love too.


These pre wedding photoshoot styles are meant to indulge your thinking to be come up with more creative romantic pre-wedding shoot ideas.


Can a photographer use my wedding photos?

















Casual Pre-wedding Shoot

The casual pre-wedding shoot are pre-wedding shoot on casual wear ideas















Pre-wedding photos in Nigeria 2020

pre wedding photos in nigeria 2020






























Wedding Photo Ideas and Poses

wedding photo ideas and poses












Proposal Pre-wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot (Proposal Ideas)











Simple Pre-wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot (Simple Ideas)



















Creative Pre-Wedding Shoot Videos






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