How to Find a Good WordPress Developer – Top Sites For Hiring Great Web Designers

How to Find a Good WordPress Developer – Top Sites For Hiring Great Web Designers

You might be thinking of hiring a great wordpress developer to get a job done. But the first question is: how do you find a good wordpress developer for hire?


WordPress is known as a popular platform for website design.


As a matter of fact, lots of big brands use wordpress such as Katy Perry’s website, Snoop Dog’s website, The New York Times Company, Facebook Newsroom, The Walt Disney Company, Jay-z, Beyonce, MT News, Sony, BBC America and many more.


So we can rightly say that wordpress platform is certainly and absolutely a powerful option to use when considering build a new website for your business.


Another good reason why to use wordpress for your website is because you can easily find thousands of people offering wordpress development services.


Though, not all of them have the same skill sets, experience and expertise.


That is why you should consider doing some proper ground check before you hiring a wordpress developer for your web projects.


Earlier on, before this content on how to find a good wordpress developer, I have also written on another topic on how to find a good website designer.



Why and When Do You Need to Hire a Good WordPress Developer

The reason why many big brands choose to use wordpress is because of its difficulty level – I mean, it is easy to learn.


WordPress is very easy to learn and that makes it possible that most people do not need to hire anyone to create a simple but professional website.


The are also many free tools to use for building-out your website, tools such as wordpress themes and wordpress plugins.


But as your website grows, your cost and online needs will start to increase, so you might need to consider hiring a wordpress developer.


And once your wordpress website starts to make some money for you, you may consider going for custom wordpress themes, styles and plugins.



Top Sites To Find And Hire Great WordPress Developers

  1. Codeable: This is the #1 outsourcing platforms for any wordpress related work.
  2. Toptal: Toptal is known as a network of top freelance software developers and design experts in the world.
  3. Upwork: This is  the largest online jobs marketplace for developers and web designers.
  4. Freelancer: This is a large community of freelance wordpress developers.
  5. WPhired: This is a wordpress job board, where you can add job listings for free



How much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer?

This is a very important question since we are discussing about finding and hiring a wordpress developer for a job.


There are two fundamentals that this boils down to:

  1. How much is the developers time worth (how he values his time)
  2. How much are you the client willing to pay


Its not really that simple to determine a general fixed price that fits all.


Off course, when thinking of pricing, one thing to keep in mind is that the developer will need to consider how much he or she will need to make to be able to cover his or her living expenses. This will greatly affect the price a wordpress developer will charge for his work.


On the other hand, the developer will also need to offer an attractive price to the prospective client.


If the web developer charges too high, there is a chance that the potential client will walk away and decide to look elsewhere.


And if the web developer charges too low, he will barely be making ends meet.


You see, it all lies in properly balancing the two sides. The aim should be to look for that central point where both parties are happy and satisfied.



How many hours does it take to build a WordPress website?

I will be updating with more details….






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