Can You Create A Landing Page Without A Full Website?

Can You Create A Landing Page Without A Full Website?

Yes, it is very possible to create a landing page without a website, at least for short term reasons.


But on a long term you cannot replace having a website with a landing page.


So what we should first try to know is the difference between a website and a landing page. What is a website used for and what is a landing page used for.


We are also going to be answering more questions like:


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What is a Website?

A website can be considered as your online office space. It is always open 24/7 days a week.


It could also be of five pages or more. All the information that your clients need can be found on a website and all pages are accessible.


A website built by a good professional will also explains or present the organization in question.



What is a Landing Page?

A landing page could also be called a lead page. It is a single landing page with an attached thank you page.


It only contains information about a specific item, product or service. And it usually only has text, images and form to capture emails.


No navigation is found on a landing page.



When To Use A Website

A website is really needed when you have to:

  • Tell your story like with your about page, mission and vision
  • Explain your products or services in details to clients that need more information about you
  • Provide functions such as online order, scheduling appointment or online order
  • Relate with the customers



When To Use A Landing Page

As we have mentioned earlier, a landing page is just a single page with the goal of capturing leads. It could be used when running:

  • PPC advertising
  • To be used as a lead magnet
  • To grab attention of your target audience
  • For testing purposes
  • Attracting different customers



Why A Landing Page Is Not Enough To Replace An Official Website

Sometimes the idea of using a landing page alone is a marketing approach being adopted mostly my lazy marketers or lazy people. Just a landing page to sell or get opt-ins (leads).


If you are a client and an agency is trying to recommend this approach for you, I will strongly advise that you think twice.


The truth is that, sometimes this approach works really well, sometimes it works just for a while. Then after a while, I could stop working. And when it does stop working, your options become limited and probably your cost per conversion will start to rise. When such happen, you are in trouble!


Just creating only a landing page with no website backup is a bad idea, it is a terrible short-term play to go for.



Why It’s a Bad Idea To Rely Only On A Landing Page

Please, ask yourself: how will you gain trust if only a landing page is all you have.


Remember that a landing page has not about-us section, no home page, no contact page and no service page.


Try putting yourself in the users shoes, if you were sent to a landing page and you have never heard of this brand before, you’ve never read any of their content. They only evidence that they know what they are trying to sell to you is only this sales page. How would you see it?

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