How Do I Choose A Website Designer

How Do I Choose A Website Designer?

When thinking of choosing a website designer for a web project, it is very important to ensure to pick wisely.


Selecting or picking a website designer could really be a big challenge, especially if you have little knowledge about programming or web design.


Another issue is that there have never been more choices in the web design industry than now. And all these choices make actually selecting the best designer more difficult than ever.


But in this article, I will be giving you some simple guidelines that you can choose to follow.


Selecting the right designer could save you lot of worries down the road and also can save you cost.


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Essential Guide To Choosing A Website Designer

Now here is a simple process of elimination to choose the right web developer or designer for your important project.


1) Define Your Technology Needs

In this step you need to know how you want your website to function.

Do you just want to build a basic website, a blog, a brochure site – a place with just only basic information about your business, products and services?

Or do you need a website with a certain custom functionality?

This step is important in deciding what kind of web designer you will need to pick.

A web designer is skilled at: HTML, CSS, Javascript

A web developer is skilled at: database, scripts, and APIs

2) Define Your Design Needs

How exactly would you want your new website to really look?

Be specific about it and do not leave anything to chance.

Even a very good and excellent website designer can not read minds and a bad one can not interpret vague ideas either.

So try to know what exactly you really need to be done for you.

If possible collect samples of website you’d love to mimic and discuss these with your web developer to help him better figure out what you need to be done, what to do and how to do it.

You should also avoid designers who are not able to tell you how they will approach a design problem.

3) Define Your Business Needs

You need to know wha t exactly your business needs. You need to know what role your website will play.

To figure this out might still tak you back to your design and technology needs.

Ask yourself: how will your website drive sales?

4) Define Your Budget & Scope

One first thing I will say to you is that, you should not see your website as a cost, it is actually an investment.

So ask yourself: how much money or time you are willing to spend right now?

Keep in mind that it is usually “better to maximize your return rather than minimize your investment”.



Hiring a designer? Eight things to look for

  1. Passion, vision and self-motivation
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Inquisitive intelligence
  4. Good conceptual skills
  5. A portfolio
  6. Projects
  7. Real-world experience
  8. Production skills


How long does it take to design a website?

How long it takes to design a website really depends on the type of project that you are working on. And it also greatly depends on the web designer you selected to handle a project.

If you are working on a simple 5 page website, which will certainly be different from when you are working on an ecommerce website with some unique functionalities.

If you selected to work with a single web developer, that will be much different than when you decide to pick a web development agency to handle the job.



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