Buy Drinks Online in Nigeria at Wholesale Price (Home Delivery)

Buy Drinks Online in Nigeria at Wholesale Price (Home Delivery)


Drinks, they say is the life of a party.


More than just a basic need, drinks form an important part of meals for different cultures around the world.


I bet right now you’re interested in getting the best drink for yourself, for your event, a little gathering or to spice up your meal.


I’m going to give you all the details about any kind of drink you need about right now in Nigeria.


To make it easier for you, first look through this topics covered in this post and pick out the drink(s) you need from the category list.


Secondly, write us a comment and let us give you details on how to get any drink delivered right to your door step.


Note that all drinks in this article are listed in wholesale prices and can be delivered straight to your doorstep.



List of drinks in Nigeria

In this list of drinks in Nigeria I’ll be listing them in the categories of soft drinks, alcoholic drink, non-alcoholic drink, cocktail drink.

A few intro would be given on the drinks and their price list attached. You can order for any by writing us a comment.

If you need help to make a choice too let us know and we would let the company in charge to call you up.


List of Soft Drinks in Nigeria

CocaCola: comes in different varieties such as coke, solo pet drink,




Malta Guiness Malt Drink

Ribena Blackcurrant Juice

Soda Water

Pepsi Soft Drink


5 Alive




Eva Water

LaCasera Smoov



List of Alcoholic Drinks in Nigeria


Guinness Stout

Heineken Beer

Trophy Beer

Goldberg Beer

Star Larger Beer

Harp Beer

Gulder Larger Beer

Export Lager Beer

Hennessy Cognac

Baron Romero

Smirnoff Ice Vodka

Absolute Vdka

Bailey’s Cream

Car Rossi


List of Non-Alcoholic Wine in Nigeria

Chamdor Wine

Don Luciano Sparkling wine

Bosca Toselli. …

Eva NonAlcoholic Wine

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon


J&W Cocktail Wine

Pure Heaven NonAlcoholic Wine

Astoria 9.5 Wine

Veleta Wines


List of Cocktail Drinks in Nigeria



Pina Colada



Sex on the beach


Gin and tonic


Long Island Iced Tea


Best Place to Buy Wine in Nigeria

Well how do I get to give an answer to the best place to buy wine in Nigeria.


With a little thought I’ve come to conclude that the best place would be a wine store who sells at wholesale prices.


A good store in Nigeria would also be one that with a large variety of wines for you to choose.

Now in this article we have listed the largest variety of wines you could possibly find in Nigeria.


If you need any of these wines at wholesale price delivered right to your doorstep kindly write us a comment and we’d send you contact of a store that can do just that.

ShopRite Beer Price List

Price List of Beer in Nigeria

Wholesale Beer Price List


This article is yet to be completed.

You can still write us a comment to give you a contact of a small company that can deliver any drink you need to your doorstep.


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