Top Ecommerce Sites – How to Take Your Business Online

Top Ecommerce Sites – How to Take Your Business Online

Ecommerce is the only way to make sense of business today. Top ecommerce sites understand this and are reaping bountifully from taking their business online. You too can be like this top ecommerce sites.

Getting your business online does not only save you cost, expand your market space, and increase your profit margin. It increases your chances of not staying out of business in a fast paced market today.

To promote the online sale of any product, it is therefore essential to have a fully functional ecommerce website. For instance an e-commerce website should provide an easy method sell and take payments online.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are interested in the answers to these questions:

  • How do you start an ecommerce business from scratch?
  • How do you get your business online with an ecommerce website?
  • Do I have a sellable ecommerce business idea?
  • What are some of the top ecommerce sites I can learn from?


In today’s business world it is impossible to have a business that stands alone. Some years back that was realistic. All you needed was to get the goods, get a market space or a shop and then wait for customers.

However, with the introduction of modern technology such as the phone, vehicular transportation, and the internet, businesses can take goods and services right in front of the doorstep of their of their customers. According to the


The rat race has been extended to who would be the fastest to get their business across borders.

It is ideal to agree that with these advancements more and more people are getting their business in-front of a larger market, more financial opportunities, and business connections.

The technological advancement that has beaten all the known modern means of doing business is the internet.

How to Start an Ecommerce Business from Scratch

Say you are an internet novice. You’ve had your entire business in a physical business place, but recently you’re making the move to take your business online. You have heard how great businesses online are doing and you want to get your fair bit of the cake.

That said there are certain facts you need to get to know about starting your business online.

Ecommerce Business is Different from a Physical Store: in a physical store business all you need is goods, a store, maybe a brand name and find yourself a good location and buyers start streaming to you.

In ecommerce business you need more than a brand name, an ecommerce website and goods. An ecommerce business however requires that you drive your own traffic. Did you get that?


Identify if your market niche is sellable: the fact that a business is doing well physically doesn’t mean it would have the same success in the internet market.

This is especially so in Nigeria where a lot of online businesses are on a steady crash. With that said you want to start by identifying businesses that are having success in that market niche. While you are looking for a suitable niche it is advisable not to choose a market niche that is overly crowded.

If you have a lot of product in your physical store you can choose to start your ecommerce store with one or a few of these products.


Decide on a Business Model: the ecommerce business has different business models. There is no one model that works for all businesses.

One ecommerce model you can consider is using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning commission by selling the business of other people. Why this model seems to make more sense is because it is easy for you to know a product that is already selling in the market and to succeed with it too.

Drop shipping is another business model that ecommerce businesses have considered. With drop shipping you do not need to have a warehouse to store your products. Without touching your product, or investing heavily on keeping a store and bearing the cost of delivery

Writing seo optimized articles to drive attention to your product or services. Using SEO writing as your model can take a while but with an expertly crafted it can work a lot of wonders to your ecommerce business.

Paid traffic is another method of driving traffic to your business. With these you need to pay to have your product advertised in blogs and social media platforms.


What a Sellable Ecommerce Business Idea is

There seem to no shortage of great online business ideas on the internet. Rather than overwhelm you with these countless ecommerce business ideas, I’d share with you examples of ecommerce business ideas that have been successful.


I’ll introduce you to the owners of these businesses so that they can tell you themselves why their ecommerce business idea makes money for them.




CV Writing: Patrick is the owner and CEO of www.PatrickOkunima.com. He shares his success of working from home and getting paid with a serve based business.


Patrick says, “It’s amazing the feat I can achieve with a business I started with just a website, business name, and browsing data all totally less than N20, 000”. When business is good I make more than N20, 000 in a single day.




Makeup Artist


“I started my online makeup artist career on YouTube. As I notice that my portfolio was growing stronger I got myself a professional-looking website to go along with my reputation,” says Whitney, owner of www.WhitneyDezigns.com


She offers the following advice, “Sometimes you need to offer a couple of free makeup sessions to build your reputation and use content marketing to spread the word online. Once you feel enough momentum going, you can start selling makeup tutorials, makeup products and personalised tips.”







Open a T-Shirt Online Shop

Let me quickly you to introduce to Jesse Edem. He is the CEO of www.SwagnButtons.com He just launched his clothing line a few days back.


In less than a week he tells us how he sold 7 t-shirt with the help of his new ecommerce website.





Public Speaking Coach

Some people fear public speaking even more than death itself. Yet, public speaking is important in every aspect of live and becomes even more important as we progress in the business world.


Public speaking can prove to be handy in many areas – from pitching to investors, to delivering key messages at global conferences.


Mr Ajayi, is a natural born speaker who has helped several entrepreneurs re-discover their in-born ability to communicate.


On his personal website www.AppleWells.ng he sells effective presentation templates and let his customer’s book classes online.


He plans to start online coaching classes on his website soon.




Seo Expert

If you understand what SEO is and what it can do to your online business then you would understand everyone is slightly obsessed with getting their sites SEO optimized.


Sadly, not many people can actually wrap their heads around this topic. Here we have Samuel Anyaele, the CEO of www.SEONigeria.com who has been an expert in SEO for the past 5 years.


Samuel tells us how quit his job and has been sustaining far better than his former job offered him with over more than 5 years. He says he had no regrets whatever.





Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager requires a lot of intensive work being online. With the ever changing nature of social media you need to be a social media fanatic to be one.


Isaac, co-manager of www.iZikeezy.com explains that he had to spend a lot of pay and sleepless nights to undertake tutorials on latest trends on social media management.


He says, “this has helped me to gain rare expertise that surprises a lot of my customers how I can gain them a lot of traffic through social media platforms in just a short time”.


These are just a few examples of people who have tested and seen power of building their business on online with an ecommerce website.


There are millions of such examples around the world. As I get more of these examples I’d continually update you on such ecommerce success stories.




Getting a Business Online with a Fully Functional Ecommerce Website

If you have decided to take your offline business online then you should consider establishing an ecommerce website.

An ecommerce website enables your potential customers to come into direct contact with your customers easily.

A business website helps a business owner to keep a good relationship with his clientele and prompt the sales of the product or service in a healthier manner. Any customer can easily find answers to their inquiries or window shop for any product on your website in less time by just a click.

A customized website bridges the communication gap between the customers and the organization.

To achieve these results, it is imperative to have a perfect ecommerce design and content. Let us take a look at what a fully functional ecommerce website looks like.

A fully functional ecommerce website should be artistic and yet should not take the customer away from the main goal of making a purchase. It should be able to convince a client to buy from you and not from somewhere else.


Features of a fully Functional Ecommerce Website

All that needs to be done is to take care and devote appropriate time in applying these tips.

Following are the points that should be considered while having a custom e-commerce website:


Domain Names and Hosting

A domain name is the actual website address or name that you would want your business to be recognized with.  It comes with a .com, .org, .info kind of extension. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to find an available domain name.

Hosting on the other hand is where the website is housed so that it becomes seen by the customers.


A well-structured Buy path

The website should have a structured step by step path that should persuade the customer to buy the product or services. These instructions can be found on different web pages with the path direction.

This content becomes valuable to the customers to enable them easily access the product or services.


Product Buy Button

The product buy button must be prominently displayed on the home page. This will help potential customers to take action buying the products or services.

The payment options should also be displayed. This helps customers to make payment for the product through their debit or credit card which makes their shopping easy.



Product Information

The ecommerce website must be displayed properly with adequate information about the product. This information should be able to influence the thinking, choice and decision of the potential customer in little time.

Product categories can be displayed along with its features and picture of the product.


Business Image

Business image defines the success of any business.

A custom-made website provides an edge and to refine and sell a better image of the business to customers.

The user friendliness and competitiveness offered by such a website calls helps the business become exclusive and develop flexibility.

For the diversity and a more refined personalized website, services of an expert can definitely make a difference.

They are also several custom e-commerce service providers available on the internet. These companies have helped a lot of business reach its business success and they can help you develop a uniquely sophisticated website catering to your specific business need.


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