Second Hand Suits Online In Lagos Nigeria

Second Hand Suits Online In Lagos Nigeria


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The most interesting thing about these second hand suits (as we call them in Nigeria) is the fact that you can now order or buy them online.


Ordering suit online is becoming the best or ideal way to shop for suit wears considering the distance from your location (or your state).


Also coupled with the growing traffic in Nigeria these days, its not also very easy to quickly move yourself around.


It is also very understandable that our Nigerian suit users have a busy schedule that makes it hard for them to travel straight down to the suit stores to make their purchases.


Another challenge one could have here in Nigeria would also be to finding the right UK suit shop here in Lagos Nigeria.


Even when you find yourself a Marina – Lagos, you would still likely meet the same challenge about which suit store to get the best quality items.


Lagos Marina is a very large place, without proper guidance, you could end up picking the poor quality suit wear.


Most of the well-known Uk suit stores are also costly and sometimes don not have very good fits for most suit lovers.


But right here in this article, I will be giving you details as to what you need to know, what to look out for, Where To Buy Suits In Lagos and the best store to pick or order the right quality items you need.


To order your own cheap men’s suit here in Lagos at 15,000 Naira (wholesale price), quickly write us a comment below and we’d forward you the contact details of the best tuxedo suit store in Lagos 



But first, let us start with answering some buyer intent questions that you might have, such as:



What is a 3 Piece Suit?

To explain in a very simple way for those who might come across this definition for the first time, a three pieces suit simply refers to  a complete suit with a waistcoat thrown into the mix, like I have explained in a previous article titled:  Where To Buy Suits In Lagos.


In other words, we can say a three piece suit is just simply a single-breasted jacket, pair of trousers and a vest or waistcoat that is crafted from the same material.

But in the ol’days, all 3-piece had to be worn together, but now in this new era, you can choose to wear any of the combinations at any given time that suit your style and need.


Real cost of suit in Lagos?

Looking classy is sometimes a must but paying up to look classy can also sometimes dig very deep into your pockets.


Truly, suits are expensive because of the great and professional look it gives the one putting it on.


Out there – outside of Nigeria, a suit could cost within $500 – $1000. With that amount, we are almost talking about a 150,000 Naira to 350,000 Naira.


Imaging having to spend all that amount, and now imagine needing to get about 3 different pieces of suits.


With that amount, buying a suit could come across really at some very high cost.



Where To Buy Suits In Lagos

In some previous article, I talked about this point extensively.


Most suit dealers in Lagos can be located at Marina.


Marina – Lagos is a place where you can fit good items, good stores for your suit shopping.


But one very big challenge with visiting Marina – Lagos, is the fact that, when you get there, locating the right suit store to the best quality item is a great challenge.


In Marina, you will find practically anything you may need, from suit jackets to suit trousers, belts, men shirts, t-shirts, corporate shoes and so on.


There is practically anything you need over there.


To order your own cheap men’s suit here in Lagos at 15,000 Naira (wholesale price), quickly write us a comment below and we’d forward you the contact details of the best tuxedo suit store in Lagos




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