Sisibox – Period Pad That’ll Take Care of You

Sisibox – Period Pad That’ll Take Care of You

I feel sorry for a lot of ladies, even as a man, for the periodic pains that women go through due to their menstrual cycle.


It breaks my heart every time to see my girlfriend rolling, twisting and turning on the bed during her menstrual pain.


As if watching her cringe all day is not enough sorrow, she would inundate me with calls, screams and cries all day.


It actually feels like I’m going through the monthly hell with her.



To avoid this menstrual thorn in the flesh, I am a happy man when I get to learn of quality anion sanitary pad like Sisibox that alleviates the pain of women during their periods.



After testing out Sisibox Period pad on my girl I agree that Sisibox is the Period pad that’ll takes care of you.



As though menstrual pain is not enough stress getting the best feminine pad for you should not be either.


That is why DailySteer has taken the stress to research on different sanitary pads to arrive at recommending Sisibox Period Pad.



You might want to compare these 3 Sanitary Pads by yourself by reading about them: Sisibox | Angel Secret Pad | Longrich Pad



Sisibox – Period Pad That’ll Take Care of You

Sisibox – Period Pad That’ll Take Care of You



Have you been wondering how best to take care of your period?


Let head straight to the discussion on Sisibox sanitary pad.



Right in this article I am going to show you what makes this Sisbox unique, the health benefits, the types and how you can get one for yourself.



Unique Health Benefits & Protective features of Sisibox Period Pad


Silk Cotton: this silk and cotton feature of Sisibox  gives it a light weight blend of both silk and cotton which provides a soft and comfortable feel on the body.


It silken nature offers a more sturdy drape which allows three times absorption of liquid.




Negative Ion Chip: The negative ion chip was first recognized in a far away small Chinese village which become popular for its ability to increase the life span of the Chinese village dwellers to a very old age.



The Sisibox period pad contains this negative ion chip that had the potent ability to weaken germs, microorganisms and other allergens.


This protective strength of the ion chip keeps a woman healthy throughout the length of her menstrual period.



There have been a number of testimonials about how this ion chip helps in avoiding miscarriage, cure delivery problems some have had for years and to detoxify a ladies system.



Air Laid Paper: this is an extra layer of protection that comes with the Sisibox period pad. This increases the water absorption strength of the sanitary pad and provides the necessary dryness a women needs during her menstrual flow.



This air laid paper protects against side leakages of liquid from the period flow.




Extra Padding: this is another layer of protection for the Sisibox sanitary pad. That is far more than you can get from other sanitary pads. I agree this is more reason why Sisbox pad is worth a try.



Absorbent Polymer: the Sisibox period pad comes with a strong absorbent polymer that drys up liquid quickly and protects the skin from the unclean discharge from the menses.



Breathable Bottom Layer: another beautiful feature of the Sisbox sanitary pad is the breathable bottom layer  that provides tiny spaces for the flow of fresh air around the female organ during usage.


This is very useful as it protects against growth of harmful microorganisms that could cause itching and other irritating health effect on the female private area.



Release Paper: this is another cool feature of the Sisibox period pad that protects the pad from prematurely adhering to your body.


This is very useful as it protects your body from harmful microorganisms that comes with the discharge to stick to your body.




Types of Sisibox Packs

The Sisibox sanitary pad comes in two packs. You can choose to buy any of the packs for the same price. The content of the different Sisibox packs is enlisted  below.


Why the difference in the Sisibox packs?



Sisibox Sanitary Pad Basic Pack

8 Eight (8) Anion Sanitary Napkins

2 Two (2)Panty Liners

1 One (1) Ovulation Strip

A Bonus/Cashback Voucher


Sisibox Pad Combo Pack

Thirty-two (32) Anion Sanitary Napkins

Eight (8) Panty Liners

Four (4) Ovulation Strip

A Bonus/Cashback Voucher


Advantage of Sisibox Sanitary Pad Over Other Napkins (Angel Secret Pad, Longrich Pad etc)

  • Sisibox period  pad has the same health benefits and features as other anion pads.
  • Sisibox  pad is affordable for both the rich and the poor. School going students come over emphasize their joy for using a sanitary that is economical with strong health benefit.
  • Products you buy doesn’t have to get stuck with you because you have to find someone else to buy them over a certain period.
  • You’re not forced to meet a certain monthly target
  • You are not forced into an affiliate marketing system.
  • Any cash you earn is just a bonus benefit for using the product and sharing the benefits to others.
  • No other sanitary pad comes with an ovulation strip. That some awesome gift there!
  • Which other sanitary pad comes with a bonus cashback voucher? Certainly none



As much as we encourage you to compare between these 3 Sanitary Pads: Sisibox | Angel Secret Pad | Longrich Pad we recommend Sisibox Period Pad to you.



Interested in getting some Sisibox Sanitary Pad for yourself? Write us a comment so we can forward the necessary details you need.


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