Where Can I Buy Cotton Sanitary Napkins?

Where can I buy cotton sanitary napkins?

Most conventional sanitary pads are made with petrochemical materials, which is why most women around the world have started to search for where to buy healthy 100% cotton sanitary napkins such as Sisbox Sanitary Pad.

Many has chosen Sisibox as their favorite sanitary napkin, not only because it is completely an organic menstrual pad without any petrochemical materials, but it also possess strong layers of protection against bacteria and other microorganisms and yet has highly breathable spaces.

However, before we go into length with the Sisibox Sanitary Pad, it very likely that you have learnt about the health dangers associated with using chemical laden sanitary pad and that is why you are interested in getting to know where you can buy safe 100% cotton sanitary napkins.

There is no doubt that wearing a sanitary pad laden with chemicals for a whole day can be potentially dangerous.

And if you never get to change that, you probably would be wearing it for many years out of ignorance. Now imagine the prolonged health risk you are getting yourself into.

Now, I do not want us to dwell on hearsays or imaginations, lets us discuss in clear terms the dangers of chemical laden sanitary pads:


Why Most Prefer Sisibox Sanitary Napkins then Most Conventional Sanitary Pads

  • Health Dangers of Most Sanitary Pads

Threat of Cancer

Most sanitary pads are of petrochemical materials such as Bisphenol A (BPA) & Bisphenol S (BPS). BPA and BPS was recently banned in the United States because it was found to cause brain and hormone disruptive effect.

To know more read how dangerous BPA and BPS are dangerous to your body.

When exposed to these chemicals overtime, these chemicals accumulate in the body and threaten our reproductive and brain functions.

Since these conventional pads are not made from 100% cotton, the petrochemical fiber materials in the pads that absorb liquid are made of cellulose gel that can cause cervical cancer.

There is also the presence of dioxin in the fiber absorbent menstrual pads that can cause ovarian cancer.

The harmful dioxin chemical is released when rayon in the synthetic fiber is bleached.

Nobody in his right thinking should place such harmful chemicals laden sanitary pads to their body.


Presence of Pesticides and Herbicides

Cotton we all know is grown with pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals leave the farm into our bodies if care is not taken.

When sanitary pads are made of cottons, they can come with these pesticides and herbicides that can definitely harm us when they get into our bodies.

Most sanitary pads have traces of Furan, very dangerous chemicals that are found in pesticides.

Furan, a potentially dangerous chemical, is present on the cotton and will stay until it’s harvested.

Furan has been closely associated with thyroid malfunction, infertility, cancer and other health problems


Contains Dioxin

Most sanitary pad companies know that consumers like white sanitary napkins, since they can easily tell when a sanitary pad is stained and needs changing.

In other to achieve that effect, most companies add a chemical call dioxin to bleach the cotton.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) Dioxins poses serious reproductive and birth dangers. They can also damage the immune system and alter the hormones functions among others.

Some of the napkin manufacturers claim that these Dioxins are only in small quantities. However based on scientific findings, only a small exposure to this chemical can cause skin darkening and can alter liver function.

For a woman, sanitary napkin wearing occurs very often. Consider the damage that can be done overtime as dioxin gathers in the body.

Possibly health risks and diseases would include immune system damage, cervical cancer, hormone dysfunction, diabetes, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cancer, among others.


Risks of Infertility and Birth Defects

Due to the bad odor that comes from the flow when wearing sanitary pads, most napkin companies add odor neutralizers or deodorants to reduce the bad smell.

Well that is cool. Bad thing is that some of these chemicals can cause complications during reproduction. They can also cause skin irritations and infections.

Hence to avoid the risk of infertility and birth defects most women have completely avoided common conventional pads.


Prone to Bacterial Growth and Other Infections

Since sanitary pads are usually used for 24 hours long and sometimes for a whole week, using most conventional pads leads to an increasing growth of staphylococcus aureus bacteria in the vagina area.

Some who have become used to reoccurring allergies and itchiness due to wearing conventional sanitary pads even think it is a normal thing that should happen during their menstrual period. That is a grave misconception.

This increasing growth of staphylococcus aureus bacteria in the vagina area  is what we call toxic shock syndrome. Toxic shock syndrome leads to dizziness, fever and diarrhea.

These bacteria growth is worsened due to the lack of air space in the pads. Bacteria grow more in a wet place which is the result of the air blocked nature of most pads.

The toxins released by the bacteria can also lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure and can make it difficult for enough blood to be pumped to the brain.


So the right question to ask is, “Where Can I buy cotton sanitary napkins that is:

  • 100% cotton
  • Protects against infections
  • Provides breathable air space


Where can I buy cotton sanitary napkins?

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