Dashiki Dresses

Dashiki Dresses


The dashiki is a a loose brightly coloured West African garment worn on the upper part of the body.


It can be worn by men and women for formal and informal occasions.


Dashiki comes in shirts, tunic to fully tailored suits.


Sometimes they come with beautiful embroidery around the neck area.


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Dashiki Tops for ladies

dashiki tops for ladies

dashiki tops for ladies 1

dashiki tops for ladies 2 dashiki tops for ladies 3 dashiki tops for ladies 4 dashiki tops for ladies 5


dashiki dresses 15

Dashiki Dresses 23


dashiki dresses 10



Dashiki Dress Prom

Dashiki dress prom styles are becoming fashion styles for many prom nights.


It is a cultural expression for a lot of black people at their prom party.


Many of these dashiki dress prom dresses are way very cool.


Here are couple of them below.


If you need some for yourself simply write us a comment and we’d forward all the details you need.




dashiki dress prom 1

dashiki dress prom 2 dashiki dress prom 3 dashiki dress prom 4 dashiki dress prom 5 dashiki dress prom 6 dashiki dress prom 7





Dashiki for Couples

You can never go wrong with dashiki for couples.


Dashiki for couples is a casual way for couples to lovely express themselves.


Here are a couple of Dashiki dresses for couples.




dashiki dresses 2


dashiki dresses 12

Dashiki Dresses 25


dashiki dresses 5

dashiki dresses 11

Dashiki Dresses 27

Dashiki Dresses 29





Dashiki Jacket



Yea, there is Dashiki Sweater too.


Beautiful pieces I must say.



Dashiki Dresses 31

Dashiki Dresses 33

Dashiki Dresses 35

Dashiki Dresses 37




dashiki dress plus size

dashiki dress amazon

dashiki shirts

womens dashiki shirt

dashiki short dress

dashiki hoodie

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