Superlife Marketing Plan (Compensation Packages)

Superlife Marketing Plan (Compensation Packages)


They say in Superlife, Life is super!



Superlife Marketing Plan (Compensation Packages)


Well, I don’t doubt that. After witnessing the incredible way Superlife is changing lives I cannot help but agree.


I have written a previous article describing in detail about Superlife products and their health potentials.


If you want to read about it go here: Superlife STC30 – Usage, Benefits, Testimonies & Price


Today, I’m going to teach you Superlife marketing plan. Yeah, you’d learn how to join Superlife and how to make money out of this business opportunity.



Superlife Membership Packages

How do you join Superlife?


They are four types of membership packages in Superlife.


Each of the Superlife packages comes with their accompanying financial rewards.


A beautiful part of it is that, you don’t lose money when you join Superlife. This is because for every package you join you are given the amount of supplements equal to the money invested.


That’s super awesome, right? 


For instance, say you want to buy Superlife stc 30 for your personal use, you are privileged to automatically become a member if you so decide. You do not need to pay an extra fee to be a Superlife member.


That means that at anytime you can always recommend the supplement to others and earn passive income.


If however, you wish to take the business opportunity more seriously, then it’ll be wise to understand how Superlife marketing plan works.



Starter Package: N28,500

Members who start with starter package register with  and are given one pack of STC 30 box.



Star Package: N49,500

To join at star package membership package you enter with N49,500 and are provided with two STC30 box. Here you have 10% discount on the actual price of the STC30 pack.


Members under star package have a pairing bonus of N69,300.


You are entitled to earn N2,079,000 within a month.




Supreme Package: N198,000

Members who start with supreme package register with  N198,000 and are given 8 packs of STC 30 box with a discount price of 20% from the original cost.


Members under supreme package have a pairing bonus of N288,900.


You are entitled to earn N8,667,000 within a month.



Super Package: N495,000

To join at super membership package you invest with N495,000 and provided with 20 STC30 box.

Here you have 30% discount on the actual price of the STC30 pack.


Members under super package have an unlimited pairing bonus.


You are entitled to earn more than N20 million within a month.




I can hear you say, “Wonderful packages!” Yes, there are.


So how do you earn from these membership packages?



Looking to join a strong Superlife team? Write us a comment so we can connect you with a strong Superlife team to join.



Ways of Earning in Superlife

There are different ways to earn in Superlife marketing plan. The different ways of earning in Superlife also increases depending on the package you start with.


Here are basic ways to earn from Superlife:




Earning through retail is open to all who become members of Superlife.

For one you become entitled to buy this supplements at 30% to 40% discount.


So that means you can buy at and sell at



Direct Referral Bonus (DRB)

The business is divided into two parts: right hand and left hand parts.


Each time you bring in two persons, each of these direct referrals is placed one at the right hand and the other at the left hand.


As you bring this two persons you are paid


up to 35% per registration




Double Development Bonus (DDB)

Refers to the bonus you earn from someone else who registered under you.


Each time your direct referral gets 2 people to register under them you are offered a pairing bonus of



Key-In Bonus

This key-in bonus is available for members in the super package.


This super package members earn from simply inputting the data of people for registration.


This is crazy right? In less than 5 minutes for entering the name, phone number, and other details of someone trying to register you are rewarded.


For registering a star, the super package member is paid N1,350.


While for registering a supreme, N5,400 is paid into your account.


Finally, for entering another super package member you are rewarded with N13, 500


Note that this registered members doesn’t have to be your own downline.


Awesome benefits indeed!




Roll-Up Bonus

The roll-up bonus is open to members in the supreme package.


A member on supreme package who introduces a star member earns N49,500 instantly.


When the star member introduces another member his immediate sponsor upline (i.e the supreme package member) earns N36,000 while the star package member earns N27,000.


Is that not super?


That is why it is recommended to go for a higher membership package if you can. That way you can earn and earn far more you can imagine in this Superlife marketing plan.




Uni-level Bonus




Build a Strong Superlife Team


Joining a membership package does not relate to cash immediately.


From this explanation of Superlife packages you can agree that it is important to build a strong Superlife team.


A strong Superlife team would help you succeed.


A strong active team would help you earn more and more.


That is exactly what you need.


So, how do you get a strong Superlife team?


I can connect you to a Superlife team leader who can help help you build a strong team.


Why should you trust in this team?


They can help you grow by giving you your own downlines.


Due to the customers they get they provide a sharing formula that enables everyone in the team to win.


Who else can offer you that? Definitely that is hard to come about.


That is why we recommend this Superlife team leader to you.


Simply write us a comment and we’d get you the contact of a strong Superlife team to join.



Write us a comment so we can connect you with a strong Superlife team to join.



Superlife Malaysia

Superlife grew from Malaysia. At present it doesn’t have an extensive base in Nigeria. It is very much in what would call it’s infancy stage.


Many distributors of Malaysia hype the price of Superlife since it is not common yet.


Due to it’s curative power many are eager to acquire this supplement still.


As Superlife Malaysia takes its feet in Nigeria it is important to take advantage of this opportunity to make good cash for yourself.


I’d want to use this opportunity to share the original dollar price for joining Superlife Malaysia here.


Starter Package: $55

Star Package: $100

Supreme Package: $400

Super Package: $1,000




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