ORIFLAME: Cosmetics, Products, Price & Benefits

ORIFLAME: Cosmetics, Products, Price & Benefits


You don’t have to be rich to live a rich lifestyle.


That’s what Oriflame tells you.


How true is that?



The beauty about Oriflame is that it desires to take care of you, more than you can take care of yourself.


Oriflame indulges you with cosmetics and products that takes care of your skin, that bathes you into a new skin like a little baby, that takes care of how you look, how you bath, how you smell, how your skin glows and every part of your beauty.


Most importantly, it takes care of you by giving you the highest standard of quality beauty products.


You know what that means for your confidence, composure, self-expression and people’s high perception of you.


This is no surprise, since it employs the use of natural ingredients, that have stood the test of time and that have passed through high quality skin research, clinical testing, guaranteed process development and environmental science.


There is so much to Oriflame products that’ll benefit you!


You know what’s more interesting? With just N2,990 you can get registered and start recommending it to your friends.



In this article I’ll do my best to provide details on ORIFLAME: Cosmetics, Products, Price & Benefits.



So I’ll like to ask you?


Would you like to change your lifestyle and improve the quality of your life?

Do you want to make people wonder what is making you look different?

Are you ready to impact on the quality of life of the important people around you?



Oriflame is that answer you seek.



Why do I agree?


By the end if these article I’m sure you’d be on the same page with me.



As you continue on this article you would found out about the transforming power of Oriflame products.


To me Oriflame is a lifestyle, but more than just a lifestyle, it is an expression, that makes you different from the world around you.


Oriflame would take you from where you are, to a better you.



Write us a comment to buy products at incredible prices or to register for Oriflame with a strong team



Oriflame deals in products such as toothpastes, face & body creams, perfumes, after-shave, face cleanser, lipsticks, shampoos, skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations, permanent waves, hair colors, and deodorants.


Yes, these are every day products, but the quality of these products are out of these world.


When you get to understand how this simple, everyday products can improve the quality of your life, then you would understand why the quality of your life is about to change.


In this article, I’m going to give you a detailed information and understanding of these Oriflame products, their discount prices and where you can buy them for yourself far less than you can buy it anywhere.



Oriflame – What Is In It For You?



Earn From the First Day

I don’t think I have seen a direct sales business that is as good as Oriflame.


With Oriflame you do not need to wait for people to get sick (or pray for people to get sick, like one comedian said..lol) before making sales.


Oriflame products are what everybody around you needs on the daily. Your neighbors immediately become your customers.


They are everyday products that you can sell without having to get another person involved.


Your customers would always need to buy these products again and again.


Moreso, you can build your own business by getting others involved. As you grow these team you continue to earn continuously.


You know what’s more interesting? It takes just N2,990 to get registered and to start earning from Oriflame high quality products.



A chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”



Register here with a strong team, who’d help you grow your own down line. Want to buy only products? Make a comment and we’d take it from there



Travel the World without a Dime

Everyday an average of 100 Oriflame members are qualified to travel to their dream country for just being members.


For you, your first travel would be simply to get



Your achievements should never go unrecognized! We reward success with exciting events all over the world


Want to see the world? As an Oriflame consultant you can join international business conferences where we’ll recognize your success. You will also meet and get inspired by other Oriflame consultants from around the world.



Network with Business People Around the World


Sallie Krawcheck said, Networking is the No. 1 unwritten rule of success in business.


Every other person in the world is looking for work, but the richest people in the world build network.


Do you remember your schoolmates who were very brilliant, but are now struggling with poor jobs, while those who had poor grades are ahead in life? The difference is in networking.


Oriflame gets you to be a part of something bigger with amazing business people from all over the world. You quickly get assimilated into the family.


That’s a big family that’ll help you to grow in your business, in your personal life and on your other endeavors.


Be part of something bigger by meeting friends from all over the world.



Use Oriflame Products Without Cost


Becoming registered as an Oriflame member affords you the opportunity to get these amazing Oriflame products at incredible discount prizes.


Now you can get to use what the rich pay a lot of money to buy without spending much.


You definitely cannot use everything but then the product you constantly use would be noticed because of the difference it’ll create with you.



A story shared by Miriam Adebayo…

I remember the first time I shared a hotel with my friend that was into Oriflame.


I was going to bring out my tooth paste to brush in the morning, when roomy brought out hers. Only the shape and beauty of the paste covering made me hide mine (something I felt was the best paste in the world, little did I know I was deceiving myself)


I said to Chidinma, “I forgot my toothpaste, can you help me with yours?”.


She whistled away, “Come on, feel free”.


Without hesitation I spread the paste on my tooth brush carefully not to stain his paste with my ugly brush


God, when I tried this toothpaste I felt a kind of healing, I bet you. There was a difference.


There I agreed, there is toothpaste and there is toothpaste! Lol …



Where Can I Buy Oriflame Products?

Where can you get Oriflame products at wholesale price and still with a discount price?

You think that’ll be hard? No it isn’t.


Simply write us a comment and we’d forward the details of a reliable Oriflame member that would offer you Oriflame products at discount price than you can find anywhere.


Another challenge for most Oriflame would-be-members is having a strong team that’ll support them to grow their own downline.


That is a weakness we have recognized as the challenge of some teams.


Not to worry, we have you covered. Register with a strong team and let us start you off with a strong Oriflame team that can support your growth.


Join Oriflame and start an exciting journey that”ll transform how you live your everyday life




Oriflame Cosmetics

Oriflame Cosmetics are recognized for their good quality.




Oriflame Products Price List 2019

So here below, is an updated comprehensive Oriflame products price list 2019 that can guide you.

It’ll interest you to know that for each of these Oriflame products price list, our reliable sales dealer is giving out an incredible discount more than you can buy anywhere.



Write us a comment to buy products at incredible discount prices or to register for Oriflame with us



Oriflame Products price list 2019 has been classified into:

  • Skin Care Products
  • Make Up Products
  • Fragrance Products
  • Bath & Body Products
  • Hair Products
  • Men Products




To keep and maintain a good skin care a good skin product can make a lot of difference.


These skin care products listed below have been made with natural ingredients and proven by scientific testing to offer the most effective result.


No matter your skin type here good skin products that have worked for many.


Click on any of these products to checkout reviews on them, ingredients and how to use.



Ecollagen Wrinkle Power Day Cream SPF 30NGN10,990.00
Ecollagen Wrinkle Power Night CreamNGN10,990.00
Ecollagen Wrinkle Power SerumNGN12,490.00
Age Revive Cleansing Milk & Eye Make-up RemoverNGN3,990.00
Age Revive TonerNGN3,990.00
Bright Sublime SetNGN40,760.00
Cleansing SystemNGN3,990.00
Ecollagen SetNGN40,760.00
Exfoliating Face ScrubNGN3,790.00
Hydra Matte Cleansing GelNGN3,990.00
Hydra Matte Facial Toner Oily SkinNGN3,990.00
Normal/Sensitive Brush Head Refill 2pcsNGN4,990.00
Supreme Cleansing GelNGN6,990.00
Time Restore SETNGN45,560.00
Day Shield SPF50 UVA/PA++++AdvancedNGN9,990.00
Hydra Matte Refining Night Cream Oily SkinNGN5,990.00
Cleansing Gel Aloe VeraNGN3,390.00
Face Toner Aloe VeraNGN3,390.00
Gel Cream Aloe VeraNGN3,390.00
Men Energizing & Hydrating BoosterNGN12,490.00
Men Eye Rescue GelNGN9,490.00
Men Intense Anti-Ageing Face Gel LotionNGN10,990.00
Men Purifying & Exfoliating CleanserNGN5,290.00
Men SETNGN30,610.00
Hydra Matte Balancing Day Fluid Oily SkinNGN5,990.00
Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum All Skin TypesNGN7,990.00
Even Out Illuminating SerumNGN7,990.00
Even Out Preventing Day Cream SPF 20NGN5,990.00
Even Out Replenishing Night CreamNGN5,990.00
Fairness Exfoliating ScrubNGN2,290.00
1 Clarifying Face Scrub & 2 Purifying Face MaskNGN750.00
2-in-1 Face Wash & ScrubNGN3,290.00
Mattifying Face lotionNGN3,290.00
Refreshing Face TonerNGN3,290.00
Original Aftershave BalmNGN1,390.00
Advanced Age Control Face CreamNGN5,290.00
Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Day Cream SPF20NGN10,990.00
Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Multi-Action EssenceNGN12,490.00
Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Night CreamNGN10,990.00
Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening CleanserNGN5,290.00
Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening TonerNGN5,290.00
Ecollagen Wrinkle Smoothing Day Cream SPF15NGN10,990.00
Ecollagen Wrinkle Smoothing Night CreamNGN10,990.00
Ecollagen Wrinkle Smoothing SerumNGN12,490.00
Skin Softening Toning LotionNGN5,290.00
Smoothing Cleansing MilkNGN5,290.00
Protecting BalmNGN2,190.00


To find more about Oriflame skin care products go here: Oriflame Skin Care Products: Types, Prices & Reviews


There you would find answers to questions such as:






To know more about Oriflame Make-Up Products jump here Oriflame Make-Up Products: Types, Prices & Reviews


The right make-up can get you looking beautiful all day.


They enhance our natural beauty and are essential to hide our blemishes, acne and scars.


The right make-up leaves feeling more confident and expressive in your personality.


Here below is a list of Oriflame make-up products and their prices.



MasterCreation Foundation SPF 18NGN9,900.00
EverLasting Precision ConcealerNGN3,990.00
Precision Concealer BrushNGN1,490.00
Precision Foundation BrushNGN1,990.00
Pore Minimising PrimerNGN5,990.00
EverLasting FoundationNGN6,290.00
Matte Velvet PowderNGN8,990.00
Kajal Eye LinerNGN4,490.00
Precision Angled Eyebrow BrushNGN1,990.00
5-in-1 WonderLash MascaraNGN4,290.00
Express Eye PaletteNGN7,990.00
No Compromise MascaraNGN4,290.00
Eyebrow MarkerNGN4,290.00
Eye Liner StyloNGN3,990.00
Volume Blast MascaraNGN4,290.00
Colour Stylist Ultimate LipstickNGN3,990.00
Iconic Matte Lipstick SPF 12NGN7,490.00
Lip Sensation Matte MousseNGN6,290.00
TENDER CARE Protecting BalmNGN2,190.00






One perfume can leave a lasting impression on the minds of people you meet everyday.


Read about my first encounter with Oriflame fragrance product here Oriflame Fragrance: Types, Prices & Reviews


Truly that experience thought me that the right fragrance leaves you feeling more confident and expressive in your personality.


Here below is a list of Oriflame make-up products and their prices.


For Her Eau de ToiletteNGN11,490.00
Mon ParfumNGN22,990.00
Eau de ParfumNGN8,490.00
Eau de ToiletteNGN8,490.00
Mademoiselle EdtNGN8,490.00
The Secret Eau de ParfumNGN18,990.00
Eau de ToiletteNGN13,990.00
Original Perfumed Body SprayNGN2,690.00
Perfumed Body SprayNGN2,690.00
Crystal Eau de ParfumNGN13,990.00
Essenza ParfumNGN22,990.00
Eau de ParfumNGN18,990.00
Eau de ParfumNGN18,990.00
Perfumed Body SprayNGN2,690.00
Original Eau de ParfumNGN13,990.00
Eau de ParfumNGN18,990.00
Eau de ParfumNGN13,990.00
Eau de ParfumNGN13,990.00
Fire Eau de ToiletteNGN11,490.00
For Him Eau de ToiletteNGN11,490.00
Lui EdtNGN8,490.00
The Secret Man Eau de ParfumNGN15,990.00
For Him Eau de ToiletteNGN13,990.00
Venture Eau de ToiletteNGN13,990.00
Rock Eau de ToiletteNGN11,490.00
Notte Eau de TolietteNGN15,990.00
Man Eau de ToiletteNGN15,990.00
Zoom Eau de ToiletteNGN13,990.00
 Him Eau de ToiletteNGN15,990.00
Man Eau de ToiletteNGN15,990.00
Dark Wood Eau de ToiletteNGN11,490.00
Eau de ToiletteNGN13,990.00
Man Anti-perspirant Deodorant SprayNGN2,690.00
Anti-perspirant Roll-On DeodorantNGN1,790.00


To find more answers to Oriflame fragrance product such as


Jump here: Oriflame Fragrance: Types, Prices & Reviews





System 8 Extreme Fresh ToothpasteNGN2,090.00
System 8 Herbal Blend ToothpasteNGN2,090.00
Fragranced Talc Cooling DelightNGN2,990.00
Fragranced Talc Floral BloomNGN2,990.00
Advanced Deep Exfoliating Foot CreamNGN3,290.00
Body & Hair Oil Avocado OilNGN3,990.00
PediSmooth Roller Head ReplacementNGN2,990.00
Body TalcNGN7,990.00
Moisturising Hand Cream with Avocado…NGN2,290.00
Advanced 36H Odour Control…NGN3,790.00
Hand CreamNGN2,990.00
Man Anti-perspirant Deodorant SprayNGN2,690.00
Body LotionNGN6,290.00
Moisturising Hand CreamNGN2,290.00
Advanced Cracked Heel Repair &…NGN3,290.00
Body Lotion Energising Mint & RaspberryNGN4,590.00
Body Lotion Nourishing Almond OilNGN4,590.00
Anti-perspirant Roll-On DeodorantNGN1,790.00
Man Anti-perspirant Deodorant SprayNGN2,690.00
Fairness Softening Body Lotion UV FiltersNGN4,190.00
Special Care+ Deodorising…NGN3,590.00
Recharge Deo Roll-On 48HNGN1,490.00
Nourishing Hand & Body CreamNGN5,790.00
Smoothing Sugar ScrubNGN6,490.00
Protecting Hand & Nail CreamNGN2,290.00
System 8 Crystal White ToothpasteNGN2,090.00
System 8 Total Protection ToothpasteNGN2,090.00
Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant InvisibleNGN2,290.00






Body & Hair Oil Avocado OilNGN3,990.00
2in1 Shampoo for All Hair Types Avocado…NGN2,590.00
Shampoo for Dandruff Control Tea Tree Oil…NGN2,590.00
Shampoo for Oily Hair Nettle & LemonNGN2,590.00
Conditioner for Dry Hair Wheat &…NGN2,590.00
Hair Oil for Dry hair with Wheat &…NGN990.00
 Shampoo for Dry Hair Wheat & Coconut OilNGN2,590.00
Hair Oil Coconut OilNGN3,490.00





History of Oriflame

50 years ago two brothers from Sweden sat together discussing their many business dreams and one day like a light bulb the idea of Oriflame was cooked.


Sweden is a country that lives and dreams beauty through natural product. How could they reach the globe with this high quality products?, they thought.


Starting from a small two-room office in central Stockholm, these two brothers started to build their new dream.


Moving this dream from this small room to around the world was no easy task especially from Sweden.


Today, Oriflame is available in over 60 markets and has more than 3 million independent beauty consultants who enthusiastically share, promote and sell these beauty and wellness products.




Oriflame Sweden





Oriflame is inspired by the beauty of Swedish science.  This Swedish science is birthed on the love of nature.


Thus, Oriflame’s products is based on the concept of natural Swedish cosmetics.


Oriflame has come to be among the first in the world to offer cosmetics with natural extracts such as birch sap, decades before most other companies.


This feat it has achieved after 50 years of hard work by over 100 scientists who have researched, tested, developed, packaged various technology and processes using state of the art Research and Development facilities, to search for and offer better solutions and technologies in order to create more progressive, innovative products.

Still today, 100% of our extracts are natural and all our ingredients undergo our Eco-Ethical Screening to ensure the best quality, safety and responsible sourcing.




Oriflame Nigeria

Oriflame is a leading beauty company present in over 65 countries and that includes Nigeria.


To make the world a better place has always been the dream of the Oriflame.

Oriflame Nigeria has not been left in this creation of a better world.


Presently, they are more than a thousand Oriflame consultants in Nigeria.


It is growing at a immense speed and this is evident with the gigantic corporate office located in


Oriflame Nigeria offers you a unique opportunity to join a vibrant sales force that beats a number of other Oriflame countries.


You can have an amazing support and worthy top Oriflame members that can inspire you in Oriflame Nigeria.

Some of these top Oriflame Nigeria members include:



Oriflame Nigeria has greatly impacted on the lives of women and men in Nigeria and change their lives for the better.

Oriflame Nigeria is committed in supporting young and old alike, beauty lovers to develop their unique personality and to start their own businesses.



Oriflame Romania

Oriflame Romania is well known in the country of Romania.


Romania has been a leading Oriflame country in the entire Europe, and has since made huge impact with beauty lovers.


With its expansion in Romania it has many offices scattered around the country.


The Oriflame Romania main head office is Strada George Enescu 11, sector 1, Bucharest .

They are other branch offices around the country such as

  • Unirii Blvd., no.13, bl.2C, ground floor, sector 4, Bucharest
    Str. Iuliu Maniu, no. 14, B13 bl., Ground floor, sector 6, Bucharest
  • Str. Buna Vestire, no. 2, ground floor
  • Cart. Brazda lui Novac, bl.C8, ground floor


Oriflame Romania doesn’t enforce that you must buy through consultant as found in other Oriflame countries.


To sign up for Oriflame Romania simple fill in the registration form on the Oriflame Romania Sign Up page  .


With Oriflame Romania the catalogues comes in 17 periods in the year. Thus they’re 17 campaigns with 17 catalogues throughout a given calendar year.


To registration cost for Oriflame Romania is  is 3.75 lei which equivalent to $0.9471. On special campaign periods the registration cost can change as low as 0.02 lei ($0.005051)


You must be at least 16 years to join Oriflame Romania unless otherwise by the consent of your parents or guardians.


Oriflame Romania annually offers hundreds of new cosmetic products, maintaining the companies dedication to quality and manages one of the most complex sales teams in around the world.


Join Oriflame Romania today to look good, make money and have fun!



Oriflame Bg (Russia)

The large market penetration of Oriflame is also evidenced with Oriflame Bg (Russia).


Oriflame Bg




Oriflame Mexico

For some years now, Oriflame Mexico has motivated people to make enormous change in their lives and selling beauty products of the highest quality inspired by nature and driven by Swedish science.


At present Oriflame is the largest direct selling beauty company in Europe, with a global community of more than 3 million partners with independent sales worldwide.


Oriflame Mexico has not been left out in the growing large number of consultants in Europe.


With Oriflame Mexico they are many catalog offers coming up monthly that consultants can take advantage of.


To take advantage of the latest Oriflame Mexico catalogues go to Oriflame Mexico Catalogues


Oriflame Mexico has a number of offices and service centers spread across the country as seen below



Avenida Insurgentes Sur No. 1271, First Floor,
Colonia Extremadura,
Mayor Benito Juárez, CP 03740,

Switch: (55) 41 70 65 62



Avenida Insurgentes Sur No. 1271, First Floor,
Colonia Extremadura,
Mayor Benito Juárez, CP 03740.


Mexico state

Av. Carlos Hank Gonzalez S / N Corner Blv. of the Continents
Multiplaza San Juan
Colonia Bosques de Aragón
Municipality of Nezahualcóyotl CP 57170

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Avenida Vallarta No. 3298
Colonia San Lucas
Municipality of Guadalajara, CP 45070.


Monterrey, Nuevo León

Calle Juan Ignacio Ramón Ote, No. 801
Colonia Centro
Municipio de Monterrey, C.P64000



Hermosillo, Sonora

Boulevard Abelardo L. Rodriguez No. 164, Local 7
Colonia San Benito
Hermosillo Sonora CP 83190


Av. 11 Sur No. 5503
Colonia Bosques de Atoyac,
Puebla, Puebla CP 72459



Oriflame Pakistan


Oriflame ge


Oriflame mk



With Oriflame you can achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Discover how!


Oriflame App – All You Need to Know

All Oriflame consultants are required to download the Oriflame app.


The app offers the members the opportunity to have daily product updates, fantastic offers, beauty inspiration and expert advice at their fingertips.


Imagine the difficulty the comes with having to check for new product prices from the website. With the app it becomes easy to be notified about new product prices and other important updates.


Expert training and advice that can help you in making sales becomes very handy with the Oriflame app.


Yes, with Oriflame app you get to:

  • Enjoy fantastic offers on products, which includes award-winning makeup and skin care products
  • Access the full product range from the latest catalogue
  • Gain training on new beauty techniques and receive expert advice
  • Place fast orders, pay and track your deliveries
  • Remain logged in and get to see updates at the go
  • Monitor your Oriflame business with our popular sales tools



To download the original Oriflame app for yourself go here: Oriflame App




Oriflame Reviews



Oriflame Compensation Plan (Business Opportunity)

Thinking of joining Oriflame and making money for yourself from anywhere?


Like I explained you need a strong team. I have a consultant that can help you build your own downlines.


How much money can you make?


Understanding the Oriflame compensation plan can help you a lot.


Hence, I’ve compiled an article to aid you to fully understand how to earn up to six figures in 90 days.


To read this article go here Oriflame Compensation Plan & Benefits



Join a reliable Oriflame team and start an exciting journey that”ll transform you into a rich lifestyle.



Oriflame Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are many questions asked about Oriflame. To satisfy our readers we have chosen to compile many of these questions and to give answers to them.



Is Oriflame a good brand?

Oriflame has built a good reputation as a good and reliable cosmetic and product brand.

Oriflame has been around for 50 years and this is no small feat to maintain over the years.

They keep waxing stronger and stronger as they dive into more than 66 countries around the world.



Which is the cheapest product of Oriflame?

The cheapest product of Oriflame is Clarifying Face Scrub & 2 Purifying Face Mask which sells at $3




How can I earn money from Oriflame?

They are several ways to earn money in Oriflame.

What makes earning money in Oriflame exciting is that they are thousands of products you can promote and make quick cash from.

And what is more, they are everyday products that people need constantly.

Understanding this Oriflame Business Opportunity. would help you to see the enormous opportunity that lies ahead of you.



Can you sell Oriflame products online?

Of course. Registered Oriflame members each have a unique referral code or link that they can send online and sell to their online friends and family.



How can I join Oriflame agency?

Making the decision to join Oriflame agency demands you find, join and make a good Oriflame team.

A good team would help you make sells, and also aid you to get people registering under you.

A good Oriflame team is  enthusiastic to meet together to create new strategies.


To join a good Oriflame team simply go to Oriflame Registration Page and we would refer you to a strong team leader you’d love.



How can I succeed in Oriflame business?

To succeed in this Oriflame business opportunity you need a good team. That is the fact.

If you are not succeeding, it is because you don’t have a good team

A good team would offer you a system where pulls their sells and referrals to support each other.




Which is the best product of Oriflame?

Which Oriflame face wash is best?




Register here with a strong team, who’d help you grow your own down line. Interested in buying Oriflame products? Make a comment and we’d take it from there





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