Oriflame Nigeria: Compensation Plan & Benefits

Oriflame Nigeria: Compensation Plan & Benefits



Oriflame business holds a lot of financial promises with its interesting compensation plan packages.


Interestingly, all you need is NGN2,990 to be a starter and enjoy the world of financial benefits that Oriflame offers.


What I particularly like about it, is that the Oriflame products that is promoted are everyday products with world class standard .


Things everyone can relate to as against marketing products that are focused on treating health challenges.


Most importantly, it works more for members who understand the compensation plan and know how best to earn from it.


That is why it is fitting to write this article to help many understand the Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan and benefits.


It is also vital to point out that, they are some team leaders who introduce new ones to become Oriflame leaders, but fail to teach or support them to grow their own team.


Well, maybe they don’t fully understand these things themselves.


They end up becoming raising a weak team, and no one wants to join a weak team.


Write us a comment and let us give you the contact of a good Oriflame team to join.


Sadly, this poor team culture doesn’t only affect the new leaders, but affects the success of the entire team.


Today, I’m going to show you step by step how Oriflame compensation plan works and all the  membership consultant benefits you can accrue.


So take out your pen and jotter, and take note carefully.


Also bookmark this article. “Oriflame Nigeria Compensation Plan & Benefits“. I know you’d also need it for future reference.


I’d also show you how you can grow a strong team for yourself and how we can support you if you register with a trusted consultant we would refer you to.



Register here with us and we’d help you grow your own down line. Just make a comment and we’d take from there



All the compensation plan calculation would be done using the Nigerian currency.


I am convinced you would get more excited as you learn so much from this “Oriflame Nigeria Compensation Plan & benefits”.



Oriflame Nigeria Compensation Plan

To head into explaining this Oriflame Nigeria Compensation plan to you, here are a few terms you need to understand.


Oriflame Compensation Plan Terms

PERSONAL BONUS POINTS – Points earned each time you buy a product personally

GROUP BONUS POINTS– Cumulative points earned each time you and all your down-lines buy products

SPLIT OUT/DIRECT LEG / 21% GROUP – term used in referring to any of your down-line that has produced a minimum of 10000 group points

STARTER –a new member who has paid N2990 for only registration, but did not buy any product

RECRUIT – a new member who has registered and has placed their first order for products

CATALOGUE PERIOD – begins from January to December . A new catalogue is released every quarter

SALESFORCE–  refers to all active consultants and are recognized as such because they  have placed an order within the last 3 months



Oriflame Success Plan Ladder Positions


To reach the peak of Oriflame success they are 19 positions open to all members.

That means that there is so much to earn as you make progress in Oriflame.


These hierarchical positions are basically there to help you gauge your progress and comes with amazing financial bonuses and offers.


These 19 Oriflame membership ranks that you can attain have been arranged in hierarchy from top to bottom:

  • Sapphire President Director
  • Gold President Director
  • Senior President Director
  • President Director
  • Diamond Executive Director
  • Sapphire Executive Director
  • Gold Executive Director
  • Executive Director
  • Regional Director
  • Senior Regional Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Senior District Manager
  • District Manager
  • Senior Group Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Elite Consultant
  • Consultant


Let me explain some of these ranks starting from the lowest ranks because that is what you’ll need as a starter.


An Oriflame consultant the starting level for all members who’s performance discount (PD) level is labelled 0% in the success plan.

The starter must have purchased goods less than 199 bonus point within a month.

This is the lowest ranking of the Oriflame membership positions.



Elite Consultant

An Elite consultant is any member who’s performance discount (PD) level is between 3% to 9% in the success plan.


This is the next level membership ranking immediately after Consultant.


Any member who attains this level becomes automatically eligible to

  • Immediate Profit
  • Performance Discount
  • Free Business Training in Oriflame Academy


They come in three level categories namely:

  • the 3% consultant
  • the 6% consultant
  • the 9% consultant


The 3 % consultant is a member who has purchased products worth at least 200 to 599 bonus points within a month. The consultant would earn a month compensation of N500 – N2000


The 6% consultant is a member who has purchased products  between 600 to 1199 bonus points within a single month . This consultant would receive a month compensation of N2000 – N4000


The 9% consultant is an oriflamer who has purchased products between 1,200 to 2,399 bonus points within one month .  Oriflame will pay this consultant a monthly bonus income of N7,000 – N10, 000





The manager is the next level membership position after elite consultant. This is a member who’s performance discount is between 12% to 18% in the success plan.


The manager is automatically eligible for

  • Immediate Profit
  • Performance Discount and
  • Recognition Pin


They also come in three level categories namely:

  • the 12% manager
  • the 15% manager
  • the 18% manager


The 12% Manager: is an Oriflamer who has purchased products worth between 2,400 to 3,999 bonus points within one month .  This elite consultant would be paid a monthly bonus income of N41,000


The 15% Manager: is a member who has bought products worth between 4,000 to 6,599 bonus points within a single month .  This elite consultant would be paid a monthly bonus income of N87,000


The 18% Manager: is an Oriflamer who has purchased products worth between 6,600 to 9,999 bonus points within one month .  This elite consultant would be paid a monthly bonus income of N172,000



Senior Manager

A senior Oriflame manger is one who have earned at least 10,000 bonus point or have one or more 21% group(s) and a personal Group of at least 4000 Bonus Point.


A senior manager is given a new recognition pin among other things.




A director is an Oriflame member who has fulfilled a Senior Manager criteria in 6 out of 12 months.


A director become automatically eligible for:

  • Cash award of N150,000 every month
  • Performance Discount and
  • Recognition Pin




As you grow in Oriflame your rank and matching rewards grow.




With Oriflame you look good, you make money and have fun!


Oriflame Bonus Point Calculation

There are two ways to calculate Oriflame bonus point and performance discount:

  • Earn the full Performance Discount on your personal sales based on your performance level (3% to 21%)
  • Earn the difference between your own Performance Discount (PD) Level and the PD Level of the Consultants directly sponsored by you – on their total group Business Volume (BV).


That is a little strong to understand, right? Well, let me explain further


Before I give you this example one things you need to bear in mind is that your secret of success largely depends on having a strong team.


How can you have a strong Oriflame team? I have explained that at the tail end of this article.



Register here with us and we’d help you grow your own down line. Just make a comment and we’d take from there



Now to the example,

Say I buy three Oriflame Zoom Signature perfume and sold them out in a month.

The bonus point for Oriflame Zoom Signature perfume is 71 bonus points.

As a registered member I am entitled to buy each of this perfume at N10,762 and sell them at N13,990

After selling this perfume how much would be my gain?


(N13,990 – N10,762) x 3 = N9684


What of my bonus point?

My bonus point would be 71 x 3 = 213Bp for selling 3 Oriflame Zoom Signature perfume


Looking at the success plan table this 213 bonus points qualifies me to become a 3% consultant (i.e my new rank).


Hence, in addition to the profit I made, Oriflame pays me a 3% performance discount multiplied by my total sales ( N10,762 x 3 = 32,286)


For my 3 perfumes that’ll be calculated as 32,286 x 3% = N968.58

Hence, my total earnings = Personal Profit + Performance Discount = N9,584 + N968.58 = N10,552.58.


Imagine that makes a lot of sense, huh?


Well you know what?  You can earn more than that.


Through your team.


This part is very important.


In fact having a strong team is the reason why you’d succeed in Oriflame.


You earn much more with a strong team.


Say two of your team member make purchases of same 3 pieces of the Zoom perfume


This means;

Total group bonus point = total bonus of the team = 213 + 213 + 213 = 639 bonus points.


Using Oriflame compensation plan, obtaining 639 bonus points qualifies me to become a 6% consultant.


Wow! Do you see how fast that was?

Why? Because I had a strong team



Register here with us and we’d help you grow your own down line. Just make a comment and we’d take from there



Now my new performance discount will be: 32,286 x 6% = N1,937.16


Since my team memebrs are two my total performance discount N1,937.16 + N1,937.16 = N3,874.32


Finally, total earnings = N9,584 + N3,874.32 = N13,458 (i.e instant profit + performance discount)


So as you can see from the examples above, I can earn N10,552.58 profit if I invest N32,286 in the Oriflame business in NIgeria without recruiting people.

And I can earn N13,458 profit if I invest N32,286 and recruit just two people.

And remember, you can earn incredible high more as your team grows.


You are also entitle sell your products at prices higher than the recommended selling prices used in the Oriflame bp calculations above.


Well, I don’t recommend that for my team. You can earn far more, there is a secret.



Register here with us and we’d help you grow your own down line. Just make a comment and we’d take from there




Oriflame Nigeria Registration


Oriflame Nigeria Registration is open to everyone regardless of where you live.


Oriflame Nigeria is the best team to join.


It is a growing market. Out of more than 200 million Nigerians they are only about 1000 consultants in Nigeria.


That means the market is very much unskated.


What success have been achieved with Oriflame Nigeria?


You are in for better surprises.


Oriflame has taken a big force into the Nigerian market setting up it huge office at



To register for Oriflame Nigeria, simply write us a comment and let’s get you started.




Oriflame Joining offer


Why register with us?


We make selling easy for you.




We share our customers with our team members.


We share our downlines with our team members too.


Yes, we do this because we believe in a strong team.



We believe in the words

There is no such thing as a self made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others. – George Shinn



Oriflame Log In Nigeria | Consultant

So if you want to register with Oriflame Nigeria you would need to proceed to Oriflame log in Nigeria to start off the process.


However, you can now log in to Oriflame Nigeria through our high profile first Nigerian consultant who’d help you fulfill your dreams.


So, to gain access to gain access to Oriflame Log In Nigeria simply simply go on the Oriflame Registration link and let’s get you started to grow rich with Oriflame products


Oriflame Nigeria is a fast growing market for Nigeria as earlier highlighted. This serves as a good base to grow your own Oriflame team.


We can help you build you own strong Oriflame team by a sharing method that was developed by the Oriflame leader we would recommend to you.


Write us a comment to direct you to strong Oriflame team to get you started.


This same process also applies to Oriflame consultant log in. It is important to take not of that too.


Once you are registered your personal Oriflame consultant log in link is given to you.


Once registered as an Oriflame Consultant you have a large door of wealth, beauty and travel open up to you.



Oriflame Products in Nigeria

For a complete guide on the Oriflame products in Nigeria here is a another article that gives you all the details you ORIFLAME: Cosmetics, Products, Price & Benefits


There you find Oriflame products in Nigeria all listed with their prices in the Nigerian currency.


You’d also learn how to order any product for yourself and get them delivered straight to your doorstep.


Oriflame products have also been split into categories namely


So feel free check this Oriflame products in Nigeria and get to enjoy the sheer pleasure that the high quality of Oriflame products.


We think everyone deserves the chance to look and feel good, while being respectful of people and the planet.



Oriflame Nigeria Catalogue

Every three a new Oriflame Nigeria catalogue is released.

This catalogue contains important information you need to know on Oriflame products.

It also bears the new Oriflame product releases.

They give further details about specific Oriflame products, about how they are produced, how to use them and other important guidelines.

They also contain communications from Oriflame leaders and some success stories.


You can go here to download the recent Oriflame Nigeria Catalogue jump here Latest Oriflame Nigeria Catalogue.




Oriflame Membership Benefits




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