Angel Pads – Angel Secret Review & Compensation Plan


Angel Pads – Angel Secret Review & Compensation Plan



I wrote a previous article on the Angel Pads, “Angel Secret Pad – Best Sanitary Napkin for Every Womanwhere I discussed into detail the:


As a result I would be focusing on this two topics: Angel Secret Review & Compensation Plan


Let’s get started with Angel Secret Compensation Plan



Angel Secret Compensation Plan

The Angel Secret compensation plan is mostly for persons who want to start the Angel Pads business and be a distributor.


If however you’re only interested in getting the Angel pads for your personal use or for someone else simply write us a comment and I’d forward the details you need to order your own Angel pads.


Six ways you get paid with Angel Pad

  • Drive Bonus
  • Group Bonus
  • Team Bonus
  • Retail
  • Unilevel
  • 6×6


Different Packages you get started with

  • Silver – $90
  • Gold – $540
  • Platinum – $1,080
  • Diamond – $1,620


Progress Measurement Point

90PV = 50BV

540PV = 300BV


PV (Point Value): Each time you buy a package say silver you’re on 90PV and you get rewarded with 50BV

Same with the $540 gold package.

Hence PV  has increments of 90PV


BV (Bonus Value): That is the value one gets for every package someone buys through you.



Drive Bonus: is the bonus you get when you recruit somebody.

It is calculated with 20% of the BV

For example comes in through Gold.

Then you have 20% x 300BV

Equals = $60

Hence your drive bonus is $60.




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  1. Good morning, pls i need the angel secret pad and pant liner, how can i get it and what how much is it, i stay in Abuja, also i will like to be a distributor as well, also want to make an enquiry on how to became a distributor. Here is my phone number 0818422XXXX. Thanks

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