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What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

This is the Sleep Number Bed Reviews Article: In this well detailed blog post, we will be discussing all that you’d need to know about the sleep number beds and we will also be answering the question: What are Sleep Number Beds? What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need?

What Are Sleep Number Beds?

The Sleep Number Bed is an adjustable air mattress produced by a U.S-based manufacturer. The company produces Sleep Number Beds, Comfortaire beds, foundations as well as other bedding accessories.

The Sleep Number is a setting that adjusts the firmness of the mattress. With the quick push of a button, just about anyone can inflate this mattress to find the perfect level of softness or firmness.

The adjustment is done by air pressure, with higher numbers denoting higher pressure and more firmness. This number ranges from 0-100; the higher the number, the more air you’re pumping into the air chamber, which will make your smart number bed more firm.

This bed can also serve as a great option for couples. With the sleep number Dual-Air technology, each side of the bed can easily be adjusted so you and your partner will not have to compromise on one level of firmness.

The Sleep Number Bed Reviews Sleep Number Beds

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Just like the Purple Bed or Purple Mattress, the sleep number bed comes with various models along with different features. In this article (the sleep number bed reviews), right here I would be giving you both the 2016 and 2018 (updated) collections.

In 2016, the sleep number bed had four mattress collections – Classic Series, Memory Foam Series, Performance Series, and Innovation Series. In 2018, the sleep number models changed (updated) to this – Standard Beds, 360 Smart Beds, SleepIQ Kids, and it Bed. What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

About The Producer of The Sleep Number Bed – Select Comfort Inc

As mentioned above, Select Comfort Inc is the manufacturer of the sleep number beds. They are manufactured in the U.S.A. The company has two (2) different plants situated in Utah and S. Carolina. They are known to be a vertically marketed company and they produce their very own products. The Sleep Number beds have been around since the year 1979 but was incorporated in the year 1987 to now become Select Comfort, Inc. currently, their branding is widely know as Sleep Number, or Sleep Number by Select Comfort, Inc.

The Sleep Number Beds And Various Models – Break-Down (Updated)

As mentioned earlier, the sleep number bed models are no longer listed by their pre-existing series. The Standard Beds are now as they have been. As at January 2018, the different models listed on Sleep Number are:

  • Standard Beds : c2, c4, p5, i8, iLE
  • 360 Smart Beds: p6, i7, i10
  • SleepIQ Kids™: k1 and k2
  • it Bed
Sleep Number Beds

SOURCE: SleepOpolis

Standard Beds : c2, c4, p5, i8, iLE

The standard (classic) line is the most basic, yet most affordable sleep number bed option. It is called the most basic but it does not mean that you are missing out on anything. You still get the benefit of the adjustable air chambers, and the C4 model has an added comfort layer above the air chamber designed to contour or outline to your entire body. The simpler the model (C2 is the most basic), the happier the customer (on average). Why do we say this? The upgraded models seem unjustifiably overpriced.

360 Smart Beds: p6, i7, i10

The 360 Smart Beds are seen and spoken of as new arrivals, but it is noted that the P6 and i10- two of them have been listed for at least couple of years. So, we can confidently say that the ones currently listed are newer versions of the previous models. What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

For P6, the current model has similar construction to the former. For i10, the previous one has two inches lower than the newer model. What is new in both of them is the Smart Bed Technology. I will talk about this new technology later on in this post.

SleepIQ Kids™: k1 and k2

The SleepIq Kids is another option among the sleep number bed models. Sleep Number says, “The Sleep Number bed with SleepIQ technology built inside, tracks how well you sleep each night, giving you personal insights into your sleep.” This model advises its user (which is you) on the best and most suitable Sleep Number settings and the appropriate sleeping hours. It is said to also have the ability to connect to other health apps, apps that help with making the best sleep decisions.

it Bed

The it Bed model will track your sleep but please do not ask this Sleep Number mattress to improve it. The company (Sleep Number) claims that the it Bed is “smarter than the average bed”. The it Bed has a WiFi-enabled pump and a SleepIQ app, this makes it smarter. These two smart functions of the it Bed lets you adjust the air bladders from your smartphone and track your sleeping habits.

Remember, the title of this article is: the sleep number bed reviews. Let’s talk about what the Smart Bed Technology is.

What Is This Smart Bed Technology

According to Sleep Number, “the smart bed can and will sense your movements, then, automatically it will adjust firmness, comfort and support to keep you and your partner sleeping blissfully, all night long”.

In other words, we can say it senses pressure, automatically responds and seamlessly reports sleep data. The smart bed technology helps you sleep better, live better, and perform better (helps you perform at your best).

What Material Are Sleep Number Beds Made From?

In this article (the sleep number bed reviews), we will talk about the different layers. They are:

  • Cover
  • Comfort Layer
  • Pressure relieving
  • Air chamber
  • Foundation
The Sleep Number Bed Reviews

SOURCE: SleepNumber

The sleep number bed is made up of majorly five (5) different layers to ensure maximum satisfaction. The first (1st) is the thin plastic base material which forms the base. The second (2nd) is the layer of hyper-soft pressed foam, which has an inch thickness. Then, the third (3rd) layer is of flame resistant fabric which goes on top of the foam. Another thick layer of padding goes on the top of it. Lastly, the top layer (the cover) that you can sleep on is a light, airy polyester that is very soft to the touch. This allows ventilation; air can go into and out of the mattress as you want it, so that it is very perfect or suitable for you and your bedmate. What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

Why Choose The Sleep Number Bed?

There are mainly two reasons for buying the Sleep Number Bed.

The first (1st) is this: so that you can easily change firmness of your mattress or foam to properly suit your preferences, which may perhaps change over-time, maybe during pregnancy or probably while recovering from a back injury.

The second (2nd) is this: so that you can have a different level of firmness on each side of the same mattress or foam to contain two sleepers (or a couple) with two very different comfort preference.

What To Know Before You Buy The Sleep Number Bed

In this article (the sleep number bed reviews), let’s talk about what you must know. It is good you note that all the sleep number beds use the same quality of air bladder and pump (the size of the bladders could possibly vary, but it makes no difference to comfort). The upgraded layers of padding or the taller air bladders are not necessarily desirable. The fact is, many customer reviews are constantly highest for the most basic model, which is the C2. C2 gives you the most “big bang for your buck” and it seems to really produce far fewer complaints than the higher-end models. What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

The real benefit of an air mattress or foam (versus springs or memory foam) is that one can easily adjust the firmness of the bed from 0-to-100. In real sense, this simply means that the bed can be adjusted from uncomfortably soft (to the point of sinking in into it like a hammock) to uncomfortably firm (just like when you lay on a board). From a recent survey, most people will prefer a sleep number between 30-60.

When getting the Sleep Number Bed, you only need the mattress, which includes the air bladders and pump. I know this is the sleep number bed reviews article but the simple truth is that: the sleep number box frame seems to be overpriced and not really required. We have noticed that any appropriately-sized box frame will work. Sales man might try to talk you into getting one (a box frame) by warning you that traditional wooden box frames tend to expand and contract as the bed temperature and humidity changes but their special polymer box would not expand. All you can choose to do at that moment with the sales man and his pitch: just ignore the sales pitch. You may not necessarily need the box frame, so long as you have a solid, flat foundation for the mattress.

What To Know When You Finally Purchase Your Sleep Number Bed – Delivery/Shipping

For the article (the sleep number bed reviews), this part is really important.

Now, when you decide to buy the Sleep Number Bed, you may need to pay approximately $160 for delivery and setup. Or you can probably choose to pay about $90 for UPS delivery. If one is physically challenged or disabled, he or she can pay for delivery and setup, otherwise, I’d suggest you save money by opting for the UPS delivery. The set-up process is super easy; it is something one can set-up himself. It usually arrives nicely packed in a relatively small box with clear written instructions. You can even choose to save more money by waiting for a promotion period when Sleep Number offers free shipping, and then make your easy purchase.

Cost of The Sleep Number Bed

The cost of Sleep Number Beds ranges from $300 (for C2 Twin) to $5000 (for iLE FlexTop King). Also, there are prices for bases (modular or adjustable), as well as adding the SleepIQ option to a Standard model.

Warranty For The Sleep Number Bed

The Sleep Number Beds have a 25-year warranty on its smart beds. Only the first two (2) years have full warranty coverage. After these first two years, the coverage is prorated and dependent on the covered components.

Customer Ratings

The Sleep Number Beds are sold on Amazon and not in the sleep number bed reviews article here, so there are ratings there on that site which we will consider. However, there are also reviews on other sites, including the company’s site (Sleep Number). What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

Yelp Rating: customer reviews for sleep number stores on Yelp are about 245 reviews but only 29 of them rated their mattresses. The rated models by these customers include 5000, 7000, C2, i8, m7, P5, p6, and xI2. So, the aggregate customer rating for 23 Sleep Number stores is 3.6 of five (5) stars. Ratings for the beds, it is higher: 4.1.

BEDS.ORG Rating: Sixteen verified customers have posted 16 reviews of the Sleep Number beds  on Beds.Org. The main four models rated individually are C4, C2, cSE and i8. Only the C4 received a 4-star review, but each of the others received 5-stars. So, the average customer rating of the four models is 4.6.

GoodBed Rating: GoodBed is known to be a website where many customers went to see reviews of mattresses, adjustable beds and foam toppers. Although, the site has not been up-to-date and doesn’t have many recent reviews but it does have reviews of several sleep number beds that are organized by collections (or series). There are about 219 ratings of sleep number mattresses on this site with an aggregate rating of 3.02-stars.

Sleep Like The Dead Rating: Sleep Like The Dead is a review site that updated its evaluation of the Sleep Number beds, after the introduction of the i7 Bed. The company rating for the sleep number is an average rating of 3.5-star.

Sleep Number Rating: We are not amazed that the largest number of the Sleep Number reviews (over 4,300 reviews) is on the company’s (Sleep Number) site. The average consumer review rating of the sleep number beds on their site is 4.37-stars. What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

What Are The PROs And Cons?

The remark made by customers of this mattress in their various reviews highlights the pros and cons of The Sleep Number Beds. Many reviewers specially opted for Classic Series models. The Classic Series model have minimal-to-little paddings. This preference came in after these reviewers used and tested higher level models. Most of the reviewers favored medium firm to firm support. In all, the sleep numbers 60 and over are very more satisfactory than lower sleep numbers. Several sleepers still prefer a 40.

Also, many reviewers liked the sleepIQ in the higher-end beds. While several other users liked the momory foam, for its ventilation (ventilated for cooling).

Would The Sleep Number Bed Be Good For Children?

It is well known that children need their rest more than any adults do (to help them grow healthy). But research has shown that many children have sleep issues for variety of different reasons. The Sleep Number bed would be a great gift (or present) for anyone once the right number is found. The right number provides enough comfort for better quality sleep (that is why it was made in the first place). The child only needs to test the bed every night until a comfort sleep number is reached for the softness or firmness of the mattress.

What Kind Of Base Does A Sleep Number Bed Need

More updates will be added to this article (the sleep number bed reviews). So feel free to bookmark this very page on your browser.

Note: Since this article on the sleep number bed reviews, the company “Sleep Number” since 2016 has revised its product portfolio. Just as other mattress and bed manufacturers, Select Comfort has announced it discontinuation of all under-performing legacy models (sleep number beds), keeping only the models with the best customer response. All under-performing legacy models have been de-listed. The major reason for this is in giving more visibility to the better-selling products (sleep number beds).

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