Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews

Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews

Today, in this blog post (purple sleep number mattress reviews) we are going to be doing a full review of the new purple mattresses. Of which there are three of them. But first, we need to get something cleared before we move on.

Purple Bed and Sleep Number Beds are two different beds, made from two different U.S-based companies. So they are two competing companies.

Now, for purple beds there are three versions available; we have Purple 2, Purple 3 and you guessed it…Purple 4. There is also the original version of the purple mattress called the Purple Original. The company will continue to sell the original mattress, the purple mattress you have probably been seeing plenty of time all over the internet.

In the new versions of purple mattress, they have essentially replaced the support foam with individual pocketed coils, which is going to provide better support, more localized support and more airflow. Even the purple in general does not need any more air flow because you get a great air flow in and it seems to be really cool at night. That’s actually why they improved on the construction of the bed and that is why we have made this article (purple sleep number mattress reviews).

I will be posting more reviews down below and a video to give you a visual demonstration of this mattress. So do well to read along and hang-on very tight till the end of this post.

and go through a bunch of the element that is important.


Okay, The First Is Pricing

I am not going to dwell on it too much, so just brace yourself.

Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews


So you can see that it starts at a reasonable price and then, it starts to get pretty pricey. We have the ORIGINAL, PURPLE 2, PIRPLE 3 AND PURPLE 4. Each of these beds have variations: TWIN XL, FULL, QUEEN, KING AND CAL KING.

Break Down Review

In this article here (purple sleep number mattress reviews) we are going to break down this review by covering:

  • Shipping
  • Returns
  • Warranty
  • Sleeper type
  • Air support
  • Responsiveness

lastly with a visual demonstration.



Shipping & Returns

So like every other bed, purple offers free shipping. These beds are pretty done heavy, this means they cannot be shipped via FEDX anymore. They will come through a local delivery firm in your area. They will deliver it straight to your house and they are going to set it up for you so that you don’t break your back setting up a brand new bed (white glove delivery).

And on top of that, they have a 100-night test, which means that you get to try the bed for 100 days (nights). So if you like it, which I hope you do; but if for some reason at all you don’t like the bed, you just decide that I hate it and you change your mind within the 100 first (1st) nights; just call them up and get your money back. It’s not a difficult return process, the purple company is really good about refund. So you have that 100-night trial and the free returns.


Purple Bed 10 Year Warranty

Yes, there is a ten year warranty for all of these beds. Although some other bed manufactures offer same or more but ten years is kind of a standard in the bed industry, so I believe it’s kind of good.


Purple Bed Construction


Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews


  • 4 Layers
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Support Coils
  • Hyper-Elastic Polymer
  • Thin Removable Cover


The construction of this mattress is one of the most interesting part of this foam. So here in this article (purple sleep number mattress reviews) we will begin with talking about the construction.

Essentially these beds start with individual pocketed coils so that they are not part of a larger charset. The individual coils are 7 ½ inches tall, which are the support for the bed. If you are heavier, you are going to prefer a bed that has those coils. It’s more durable and it will be able to support your weight. The coils also provide a little bit of that bounce like you are used to.

And on top of that is a very slim transition layer so you don’t feel the coils when you lay on the bed and then you have the hyper-elastic polymer. It’s a material that the founders of purple invented before the started a bed company that looks like a gel material but it’s not, it’s something you going to have to try yourself. If you go to their website (the about section) and make a request, they will ship you a sample of hyper-elastic polymer so that you can try it out for yourself. It’s not a foam, it’s not coils, it’s not even gel, it kind of has the best elements of all of them. It has great airflow, great responsiveness, really springy, very supportive yet still soft (very soft).

The only difference if you wondering between Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4 is the top layer. Purple 2 has two inches just as the original, Purple 3 has three inches, and Purple 4 has four inches of hyper-elastic polymer. So that top layer means the Purple 4 is the heaviest layer that they make. And unfortunately they don’t have handles, so moving the bed around would be a little difficult.

The bed cover is likable. It’s soft, comfortable and really unique. It is technically removable but you should not be in the habit of removing it because they are really hard to get back. If you get a stain on it and you do want to wash it, you just only need to take mild detergent and spot-clean only. You should not machine-wash the cover. You may also want to check out some mattress protector but I think Purple makes their own.


Sleeper Type: Which Is Best For You

This review article (purple sleep number mattress reviews) won’t be complete if we do not talk about the most suitable sleeper type.

Now purple 2 is going to be the firmest option, that’s the one they say is best for typically back and stomach sleepers. Typically back and stomach sleepers need to keep their spine in alignment. You don’t want your hip sagging or your shoulder sagging because that’s where you keep the most of your weight. So the stomach and back sleepers would prefer their firmest bed as the Purple 2-  the Purple 2 will keep you a lot more on top of the mattress.

Purple 3 is right in between, it’s going to be great for the combo sleepers. You can rotate between positions at night and it’s not going to be too firm or too soft.

Now, Purple 4 which has the four inches hyper-elastic polymer means that you are going to get a really immersive experience (you are going to feel a lot of that hyper-elastic polymer). It’s going to be good for any one that is particularly heavy and you are interested in Purple and you want to get the benefit of this top layer we are talking about, you probably won’t get as much of it on a 2 inch layer vs a 4 inch.

So, it’s going to be better for people that are a little bit heavier because you still get a little bit of support from the coils + you get more of the hyper-elastic polymer. And it makes you almost feel like you are weightless, like you are floating. I can go on to describe it in a different kind of ways but you just have to try it yourself, you just feel a bit weightless- that’s what purple 4 does for you. It’s a bit more expensive but you get another feel of that top layer.


Edge Support

The edge support around the perimeter of the bed (corners of the bed) is a lot much better this time because they have specifically designed the bed with that in mind. Edge support is really important for couples. If your partner hugs the bed at night and you find yourself at the edges of the bed, edge support is going to be something that you would want to look into. Basically, what it does is that it keeps you on the mattress, so you don’t feel like you going to roll-off the bed. Purple 2, purple 3 and purple 4, they have really designed it to have this edge support so you don’t get that roll-off sensation.



Hyper-elastic polymer, one of its properties is beyond being firm yet soft. So anytime you press down, it’s going to snap back into shape immediately. What that means is, when you rotate positions at night, you are not going to feel stuck in the bed just like the memory foam (memory foam makes you kind of feel stuck in it). So, this means that you can easily switch positions and it doesn’t leave that body impression, that’s because of its good responsiveness.


Air Flow

Remember that this post is a review article (purple sleep number mattress reviews). So let’s discuss the air flow.

I know that’s really important for a lot of people because the human body most times heat up as we sleep. This bed has very little surface area if you take a look at the top layer. It has a lot of area for air to get in, that means you can sleep very cool all through the night. So it won’t heat up. If you are looking for a bed to sleep cool, basically any purple bed will help you sleep cool. The ones that have coils will have even more air flow.

Now, anybody out there that is shopping for bed for you and your partner, these purple beds could work for you. So with the variations between the Purple 2,3 and 4 you can choose what is right for you.


Should You Get Purple 2, Purple 3, Purple 4 or The Original

Ultimately, that’s going to be up to you. I have tried to describe them a little bit, tell you about them and give you my honest opinion about them. For me personally, I think purple original will be good for me because I don’t love the bed that bounces.

But purple 2, if I was pretty heavy and I needed more support and I couldn’t pay up for Purple 4, it would be a good one. Purple 3 is kind of the same thing. But for Purple 4, you really need to have a lot of cash laying around.


But What Of People That Are Really Heavy

Well, that’s why they created these beds. I mean the wanted more support. So this time around, I think the heavy people can get a purple bed because previously, it was kind of like if you were 250+ pounds, you basically should look for another mattress.

What about people really small (petite). Yes the hyper-elastic polymer applies to everybody.

For athletes, any of the bed options is fine. I mean that is totally up to you to decide which is most suitable for your body and weight. It depends also on the sport you play, if you have back issues, neck issues or if you sleep cool or hot.


So, Is It Worth The Money

I really do like the beds and that is why I made this review here: purple sleep number mattress reviews. The Purple 4 is unlike any other thing out there. But for me I would just be fine with that original purple. I just choose the one that is the most affordable. There is a lot to like about the beds. See this video…

Watch this fantastic video.




Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews: Bonus Review



These are the details from the video review by Jeff on: purple sleep number mattress reviews

You probably have heard of purple out there, it’s one of the most unique beds and one of the most unique technologies in bedding in years. And this is their new mattress. So this is Purple 4 but they also make the Purple 2 and the Purple 3. There is only one difference between them, it has to do with the instruction and you will see it right here in a second. But we want to talk about why people are so fired up about this mattress, why all the sudden it got so popular and what are some of the technology behind it.


It Does Have A Removable Cover

Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews


So this cover is actually not machine washable. So it means, you just going to wash it with some mild detergent and some warm water. You are just going to be spot-cleaning  it though. It just tells you to use detergent but you are going to only clean those individual spots wherever maybe you get a stain.



Purple Sleep Number Mattress ReviewsThe white part is the part that holds the bed together, the different parts. The under layer is just polyurethane foam wrapping the entire bed around the perimeter as you can see in the image (video). The polyurethane is super dense, making it harder to press in on it. That’s keeping everything together in the bed. From the above view you can see that the polyurethane is 3 inches thick. Just beyond that, you can see individually wrapped fabrics and cased coils. So they have seven and a half (7½) inches of pocketed coils.

Please keep in mind, we are still on the: purple sleep number mattress reviews

Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews



Now, you can see that this is a lot different from your traditional industry mattress because when you apply pressure, it’s more localized. So, when I apply pressure on a certain point, you won’t feel it much on the other side of the bed or foam.

This individually in-case coils are not new, many beds use them. But this is the first time that Purple has provided coils on a bed. So the foundation of this mattress is individually in case coils, it just has a perimeter edge of polyurethane foam – really dense polyurethane foam.

Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews



Now as we come up a little bit, we have a thin layer of polyurethane foam. It’s more of a transition layer between the coils and the hyper-elastic polymer. It is that way so you never feel the coils when you lay down on it- on the bed. That’s if you ever do sink in, you don’t feel the coils. It’s just a transition layer.

Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews


And then wrapping the hyper-elastic polymer, is again more polyurethane foam that is a little bit softer because you may end up by the edges of the bed. So the wrapping is for edge support.

Edge support is important for couples. This is one of the major point I want to mention in this artticle (purple sleep number mattress reviews). When couples sleep on a smaller bed like a queen (with limited spaces). That means, if you have a girlfriend that hugs the entire bed, edge support will be very important for you because you don’t want to feel like you are rolling off. So they really thought about how they can keep people on the mattress without given the sleeper that roll-off sensation. That’s why you have that perimeter edge.

Now is the good stuff. This is the hyper-elastic polymer. This is a material that the founders created. They were originally using all sorts of other products before they came up with this grid patterns.


Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews



You can see that this grid has a 4 inch thick of hyper-elastic polymer. Now, note that the Purple 2 (original mattress) is 2 inches thick and Purple 3 is 3 inches thick. So that’s really the difference there. Obviously that affects the weight of the bed, the price of the bed and all sorts of other things like the feel of the bed. For the most part, that’s how they differ; purple 2 vs 3 vs 4 is the thickness of this hyper-elastic polymer.


Now, you need to see something:

Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews


This is really interesting because of the fact that it’s not like foam and it’s not like coils, it’s unlike anything you’ve probably tested. It feels like gel but it’s not gel. It is very comfortable and it has great responsiveness (you can see how quickly it pops right back into shape). That will make it really easy to rotate positions at night, you are never going to get stuck in the bed like a memory foam (memory foam is great and many people love it).

Just like memory foam, when you apply pressure it sinks in and slowly in tends to react. So switching position can sometimes be hard. And it may leave some people restless because it requires more effort to switch position. Obviously you won’t get that feeling with the purple foam.

The other thing that is pretty damn more remarkable is the air flow. Because it’s not foam, it will not take your body heat and retain it and you sweat all night. Personally for me, the air flow is one of the best part and that is one of the main points for writing this review copy (purple sleep number mattress reviews).


Purple Sleep Number Mattress Reviews

So you can see that these are all hollows, there is no materials inside the grid parts. Which means that there are tons of rooms for air flow. Great air flow on these beds and it is also shown on the cover.

This bed is going to remain very temperature neutral (it’s actually not going to be cool). There are a lot of beds out there that are cool to touch. It is not also going to be hot, it will be very neutral (it’s pretty revolutionary in terms of bedding technology that has a material that still provides plenty of pressure relief but is not hot or cold and it is not foam and has great responsiveness.

So now, we are going to be demonstrating one thing that is really unique to this mattress, it’s actually why this mattress has been counted as one of the favorite mattress for many.

Conclusion on purple sleep number mattress reviews

We are big fans of purple but here is one unique point I think a lot of people do not think about when they are looking for mattresses it is an item called: point elasticity. So that refers to, when I apply pressure on one area, how much does it affect the rest of the bed? Memory foam tends to be good for this, hyper-elastic polymer is fantastic for this but your tradition bed or foams are not so great for this. And obviously coils are not good for that either.

When you lay down on the purple foam, you would experience a huge relief under your hips- which is where you want it because your shoulder and hips have most of your weight. So the purple foam has plenty of relief, very comfortable bed.

You would also feel when laying down on this bed that the hyper-elastic polymer is pushing against your lower back so you won’t have issues there (this particular experience is going to be different for everyone out there depending on your weight).

So the pressure from your heavy hips is not affecting other parts of the bed. That means when a couple is lying on the bed, one mate’s body weight will not be affecting the other mates portion of the bed, they will not drag together over-night. There is no low point elasticity; it’s a really comfortable mattress. And that’s a point that so many people over look but that is one of the really unique qualities of this hyper-elastic polymer. It also has a great airflow but the point elasticity is really great.


More great reviews coming soon on this topic: purple sleep number mattress reviews.

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