Where to Buy Human Hair Wigs in Lagos (2019 Collections)

Where to Buy Human Hair Wigs in Lagos (2019 Collections)


For most ladies, making a choice of the right type of human hair wigs that would accentuate their beauty can be a constant challenge.


human hair wigs in lagos

Lady dons perfectly alluring human hair wig


Adding to the challenge is the fact that all human hair wigs in Lagos are imported.


Hence they’re is growing chances of getting fake human hair wigs in Lagos.


To know fake hair from original human hair Read this How to Differentiate Fake Human Hair from Original Human Hair? 


Before I delve into helping you in making this very important decision let me give you some important knowledge on human hair wigs.



However, if you want to go straight to ordering human hair wigs in bulk, wholesale or just one-single wig, quickly write us a comment below and we’d forward you the contact of an affordable hair wig store here in Lagos.


Delivery can be made to anywhere in the world.



What are Human Hair Wigs?


Human hair wigs are simply human hair worn as a hat.


Human hair wig offers more convenience to those who want to take off their hair occasionally and don their natural hair look or any other hair.


These wigs can come in different colors, length and style for any  particular wig.


human hair wig in Lagos

Lady dazzles in human hair wig



Cheap Human Hair in Lagos

Before we delve headlong into the subject of human hair wigs and the popular varieties.


I’m pretty sure you want to know where to get cheap human hair in Lagos.




Where to Buy Cheap Human Hair in Lagos?


Due to increasing demand for human hair and lack of adequate knowledge to differentiate original human hair from fake human hair many sellers tend to swell up their price and sadly for fake hairs too.


To know more about original human hair check out this article Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria 


Nonetheless, you can write us a comment so we can forward the details of a good store in Lagos that can handle or supply all your original human hair need at wholesale price.


A special discount code would be sent to your mail when we see your comment.


Hurry now while the stock last!








Most Popular Wigs in Nigeria

They’re some human hair wigs in Lagos that are considered the most popular wigs in Nigeria.


Aside from listing the  most popular wigs in  Nigeria, here I’m going to be updating the latest wigs in Nigeria.


For now here are 15 latest most popular wigs in Nigeria.


You can always check up this article, “Human Hair Wigs in Lagos“to check up the latest update of latest wigs in Nigeria that we have.


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If you need any type of wig simply write us a comment and we’d quickly forward you the contact of the best hair wig store in Nigeria to deliver at your hair needs.



Full Lace Wig

What is Full Lace Wig? Full lace wigs comes with a lace cap that completely covers the hair. Most times they come with urethane strips to enable adhesives to stick to it.

You can order for full lace wigs with any specification of your choice. These hair wig type provides permission for any choice of styling, parting and brushing.


Best Recommended For? Full lace wig is expensive and thus recommended for ladies who have the cash to spend and want to have the real cool big-girl classic look.


full lace wig

full lace wig

full lace wig



lace wig


Lace Front Wig

What is Lace Front Wig?: Lace front wigs are wig types that come with their lace appearing only in the front portion of the wig unit.

Lace front wig are usually made of strong material that holds on to the rest of the wig cap. Sometimes are sewn with clips to hold the wig to the hair of the wearer.


Who is Lace Front Wig Best Suited for? It is easy to style or part your hairline to an individual style because of the way the wig is made with lace at the front. So it suitable for ladies who want to add some style to their hair wig.


Popularity: Very common


Lace Front Wigs in Lagos



Lace Front Wigs in Lagos 1

Lady on lace front wig-human hair wigs in Lagos


Lace Front Wigs in Lagos 2

Get you some original Lace Front Wigs in Lagos

Lace Front Wigs in Lagos 3

Monofilament Wig

What is Monofilament Wig?

A monofilament is a type of wig in which the cap construction is in such a way that a fine layer of transparent micro-mesh is inserted either at the parting, crown or top area.

In a simpler term Monofilament wig cap style allows the scalp and the hair movement to look even and realistic.

These wig type is made with polyester or nylon micro mesh that enables individual strands of hair to be attached by hand to the mesh blend.

This way, no matter where your hair is parted, it looks like the hair is coming out of  the wearer’s own hair follicles

Monofilament material are made with materials that takes the color of the wearer.



Who is Monofilament wig best suited for?  Monofilament wig makes for a great wig type for anyone lady who has a sensitive scalp or balding hair.

The Monofilament gives the most natural-looking wig. This is a high quality wig and pretty much very expensive.







Partial Wig

What is Partial Wig? Partial wig also called half wig or wiglets gets your face framed with your own hair.

Partial wig are made in such a way that they cover part of your head, a little more than a hair piece would do.

These wig type gives your natural hair a beautiful all-natural look and a fabulous fullness from the crown of your head to the neck back.


Who is Partial wig best suited for? Partial wigs are perfect for ladies whose hairs looking thin and would need more hair to add to the thickness.



partial wig


partial wig




Anti-Slip Wig

The Anti-Slip Wig is best for bald or near bald hair persons. This is because they have a base that is made of transparent polyurethane and monofilament. Due to its base this wig type usually grips a persons head skin and thus needs no elastic adjusters.

Because of their gripping nature they are sometimes called suction wigs.

Although people very short hair say two inches can still use this wig type it is highly recommended for people who are bald.

They can be lightweight and brings more ease to the wearer as they feel scratchy.

Sometimes Anti-slip wigs are also made with lace front either as synthetic or human hair.



Standard (Wefted) Cap Wig

What is Standard (wefted) cap Wig? Standard (wefted) cap wig does not come with a solid cap as most wigs do, but a cap-like structure made of rows of hair wefts.

Its top construction normally has an open cap that is closed with shorter fibers that hides the cap making the wig looking more natural. The open wefts allows the scalp to breath whilst the wig is worn.


Who is Standard (wefted) cap wig best suited for? Since this wig type is made with machine there are more affordable and comes with lots of varieties. The capless feature makes more lightweight, airy and way cooler. Those who want a breathable hair and affordable varieties can go for this wig type.

standard (wefted) cap wig

Blonde on terrific wefted cap wig-human hair wigs in Lagos



Original Human Hair Wigs

Are you not enamored with the beauty of the varieties of human hair wig that has been highlighted above in this article, “Human Hair Wigs in Lagos (Latest Collections for 2019)”.


Won’t you love to achieve the same result for your hair?


Surely, “Yes” would be your answer.


However, to achieve the same result you need an original human hair wigs.


There is a lot of controversy about what an original human hair is. You can learn about how to differentiate between an original human hair and fake human hair here: Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria



However, if you want to head straight to ordering one for yourself, quickly write us a comment and we’d forward the details of the best wig shop in Lagos to deliver at your hair needs.




The best wig shop Lagos

Are you trying find the best wig shop in Lagos?


Well, I can help point you to the best wig shop in Lagos.


Simply write us a comment and we’d forward the needed details to you.


It is a good thing to find a wig shop you can trust.


One can deliver at any type of wig that you need.



Are human hair wigs worth it?

Are you wondering if human hair is worth the investment. Although original human hair can be expensive, the truth is human hair is worth it over time.

They can serve the user for many years.

Since they are made of real hair they look very real on the wearer and definitely would be far more admirable.

Huiman hair also offers the opportunity to re-style them after washing just as you would for your real hair. Amazing right? Yeah

Is human hair wigs better than synthetic?

In the quality human hair are far better than synthetic hair.

However they are some who want to have collections of different wigs that they can use and so they go for synthetic hair.

While human hair can be re-styled at anytime, synthetic maintain their original style even after washing.




Some Foreign Human Hair Wigs You’d Love

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  2. 18 Inches Curly Full Lace Human Hair Wigs (130% Density) …
  3. Real Brazilian (130% Density) Ombre Black Straight Full Lace Human Hair Wig. …
  4. GUANYUWIGS OMBRE 360 Lace. …
  5. 150 % Density Glueless Full Lace Human Hair Women Wigs





Chocolate Wigs in Nigeria




www humanhair wigs


weavon store lagos


Pictures Human Hair Wigs (Latest Collections)

Here I would be indulging you with loads of loads of pictures of the latest wigs in Nigeria. So anytime you want to see the latest wig in town just step into this page.












Wondering Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos? <=CLICK HERE



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