How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products?

How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products?


How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products


If you or anyone else out there is asking this above question and searching for the perfect answer to it, it’s because you agree with me that there’s a lot of marketing potential online.


Yes, I believe you know that already but do you really know how big that potential is?


Let me help you with some exact figures because I know the human mind loves numbers – exact figures, so let’s be very precise.


Here it is:

  • Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day
  • 8 million searches per minute
  • 228 million searches per hour
  • 6 billion searches per day
  • which translates into at least 2 trillion searches per year


How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products? 1


That’s the break-down statistics of how many people use Google every second, every hour, every day and for the whole year and still growing. From that stat, you can easily see that the internet is entirely another bigger continent on its own.


So, do you now see how many people are online? Do you see how big, massive the potential is?


The question I expect from you now should be “How can I personally tap into this massive audience and turn just a few of them into my customers?” Just a few (very tiny piece) of that massive audience will last you for generations to come.


This is one of the biggest secrets in this digital age; the secret FORTUNE 500 companies are using to position their companies for indefinite success. They know where the crowd is, they know how to tap into it and so they position their company to sail with the wind on their back and the sun on their face. They do not struggle to push their products into the market because they know what they market needs even before the market starts to demand for it, they do not struggle to make the sale.


The truth is this: every single individual or company on planet earth (not just the FORTUNE 500 companies) can tap into this massive audience if you understand how to. You don’t need to struggle to make sales or push products into the market.


The question will then be: has your company cracked the code? Have you personally cracked the code?


Many times all-over the internet, you hear most professionals make it seem like tapping into that massive audience is rocket-science. They make it feel like it’s too complex to understand but that’s not true!


The reason why they think and feel that way is because they themselves do not yet understand it properly. They do not thoroughly understand the process and so they can’t simplify it well enough for others to follow. If you do not understand it well enough, how then, do you want to teach someone else?


Well, what I am about to show you now is how you can confidently drive highly-targeted buyer traffic to your business, how you can rightly do that by tapping deep into these huge number of users (the massive audience) who depend on Google to survive each day.


This is the same method we used to drive over 50 highly-targeted buyers to a client’s business just within three (3) days.


These guaranteed auto sales method have worked for several businesses. I am 100% assured it will work for your business too!


Yea, you can drive crazy sales to your business no matter where you are in the world – any city at all.


This method will work for your business in a twinkle of an eye and you will wonder what you have been doing with your business-life ever since.


I will show you what you need to do and how to get a good chunk out of that huge number, how to turn some of that audience into your customers, how well to properly filter that audience so you can know those who are searching for what your company or business has to offer; how much of these people are truly your highly targeted customers – the exact figure.


When you can learn and achieve success using this method, the English word “competition” or “competitors” would no longer exist in your business dictionary any more.


This method of driving targeted buyer traffic to your business that I am about to show you, is so power that when you start using it, you will no longer worry about similar businesses around you. When you start to use this method effectively, you will begin to learn that there is enough for every single individual on earth – there is enough to share, life was meant to be abundant.


The reason why there is a fierce competition among different businesses and many companies is because practically no one (or maybe just a few) understand this marketing method and is using it.


Most people are not paying attention to the seismic shift happening all around them – around us. It’s very obvious – everyone is meant to see it, but majority are not paying attention.


Everybody keeps doing the same old thing, listening to the same old hype – same old bulls**t, repeating the same old methods every day on and on and on and expecting different results. And they completely forgot that the times are changing, the times keep changing – and will continue to change. So you need to keep moving – keep changing too!



There Is More Than Enough In The Universe

Now, here is another critical point I’d love to bring to your attention.


The reason why many feel that they are experiencing constant lack – lack of potential customers is because they are not doing something right. So they involve themselves in cut-throat competition with so called competitors.


There is no such thing as lack; life was meant to be abundant.


You see, there is this lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity, and that lie is that there is not enough good to go around, there is lack and there is limitation and there is just not enough for everyone.


That lie has people living in fear, greed and stinginess; and those thoughts of fear, greed, stinginess and lack become their experience. So the world has taken a nightmare pill.


Now the truth is this: there is more than enough good to go around, there is more than enough creative ideas, there is more than enough power, there is more than enough love, there is more than enough joy, there is more than enough customers for everyone, and all of these begins to come through our mind that is aware of its own infinite nature.


Every great teacher who has ever walked the planet has told us that life was meant to be abundant.


And so just when we think that resources are dwindling, we find new resources to achieve the same things – the same results.


And so even though we say we have lack, it’s because we have not yet learned to open up our vision and see all what’s around us.


You know: when everybody starts to live from their heart and go for what they really want, they don’t all go for the same things; that’s the beauty of this. We don’t all want BMWs, we don’t all want the same person, we don’t all want the same experiences, we don’t all want the same clothings, we don’t all want _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (just fill in the blank, it’s your call).


There is enough for everyone, if you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it; it will show up for you…that’s the simple perfect truth!


Most of these great people who know this secret miss the great part of the secret, which is ‘empowering and sharing with others’. This is the best time to have ever been alive in history, when we have the power to gain knowledge at our finger tips.


There is more than enough in the universe.



Are There Any Limits To This?

Absolutely not!


We are unlimited beings, we have no ceilings, the capability, and the talents and the gifts and the power that is within every single individual on this planet is unlimited.


Now that is what I know for sure!



What Do I Want To Do For You?

All I want to do is to share the secret with you – share the secret with the world.


How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products? 3

Empowering and Sharing With Others


The people who know this have the greatest companies in the world.


  • Why do you think that 1% of the population earns around 96% of all our money that’s been earned, you think that’s an accident?
  • Why do you think that Google‎ receives ‎92.46% of all daily searches being done all over the world, you think that’s an accident?
  • What about the 6 billion searches Google receives per day, you think that’s also an accident?


My brothers, my sisters and my friends, it’s no accident!


They understand something, they understand the secret. And you are being introduced to the secret.


People’s lives have collapsed around them; people have worked themselves into exhaustion. But the good part is that, it can still be fixed.


I am going to give you a glimpse of a great secret that is highly coveted by big businesses – big companies in the world.


The idea that: if everybody uses the secret – this secret, are we not going to run out of stuffs?


Wouldn’t everyone just make a run for it and bust the bank?


No, that’s not true!


The beautiful thing about the teaching of the great secret is that there is more than enough to go around for everyone.


REMEMBER: Just when we think that resources are dwindling, we find new resources to achieve the same things.


We need to open up our vision and see all what’s around us.


REMEMBER AGAIN: When everybody starts to live from their heart and go for what they really want, they don’t all go for the same things; that’s the beauty of this. We don’t all want BMWs, we don’t all want the same person, we don’t all want the same experiences, we don’t all want the same clothing, we don’t all want _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (just fill in the blank again, it’s your call once more).


There is enough for everyone, if you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it; it will show up for you…that’s just the simple truth!


Now that is what I know for sure!



The Challenge – World Wide

Increasing sales (online and offline) is the primary goal of countless businesses, whether large or small. As a matter of fact, every small-medium business and large company in Nigeria (or anywhere in the world) is under increasing pressure to grow their sales. The competition is fiercer than ever – it’s almost cut-throat, and it’s getting more and more difficult as the day passes by.



Our Team – Market Research and Discovery

With my in-house marketing team, we did a little market research to learn ways how we could help these people – all these businesses, all these companies.


How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products? 5

Research Team


But before we can be able to help them, we needed to get data (the intel) on what is mostly bothering these businesses, what the focus of their search online is based upon and what their real problem is.


Actually, getting this data is very easy for my team because this is what we do every day – we dig deep into data available about the market (any market at all), figure-out the language pattern of that market, figure-out the buying-cycle for that particular market so we can then successfully get into the head of the consumers (like a sort of reading their minds) and then, finally be able to generate highly targeted offers very easily every single time.


As mentioned earlier, this is one of the biggest secrets of most FORTUNE 500 Companies.


So now, after our quick little research on what businesses are searching for – what they are curiously re-searching online and typing into Google search. Here is just a little part of what we found out that they are constantly seeking answers to:

  • How can I reach customers online?
  • How can I increase my online sales quickly?
  • How can I do online marketing?
  • How would you encourage customers to buy your products?
  • How to successfully sell products online?
  • How can I get clients fast?
  • How do you get targeted traffic?
  • How do I get traffic to my online store?
  • What is the best traffic source?


DID YOU KNOW: Google reveals that over a 100,000 people each month are asking these same questions over and over and over again and again and again. It goes on and on through-out the whole year non-stop. The number of businesses searching for answers to these is really massive.


We are no longer talking about just only Nigeria here, we are now looking at it from a global scale – Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, India, Morocco, Australia, America, Europe, Asia and more.


The best part of these whole questions is this: the answers are very simple, easy and bold right before our eyes.


The simple answers that we’re talking about, they are sitting right under the nose of those asking but these people are not seeing it (that’s the very unfortunate part).


But no problem, let’s help them… that’s why we’re here!


So right here, I’m going to be giving you very clear and detailed answers like I have always done in some of my previous content. We love to help people – I and my team.


This is why I love to be very clear and direct in my writings so people (like you) can read and take actions and get things fixed as soon as possible.


Understanding The Seismic Shift – How Times Have Changed

Okay, before we continue with writing and speaking plenty of English language again, let me start first by asking you:

  • Do you have a smartphone?
  • What about a tablet?
  • How about an iPod touch?


Now, you may have possibly answered yes to all three, or maybe just two.


But I’d be surprised if you didn’t answer yes to at least one of these questions above.


Why did I ask?


Well, search online has changed. I mean…really changed. And one cause for this shift is mobile devices and apps.


Just think back to the 90’s – the toddler days of the Internet. We used big, clunky PCs with slow dial-up modems and logged onto bulletin boards.


But today, you can whip out your cell phone and say, “Where can I buy Betta fish supplies in Chicago Illinois”




“Where’s the best vegan pizza restaurant near me?”


Amazingly, search engines actually parse (or resolve) these questions, the search engines understand the context and what you’re really looking for, and then they deliver relevant results.


But most marketers haven’t been paying attention to this seismic shift (this great change). You’ll be amazed at how many new buyer insights you can get in a matter of seconds, simply by rethinking search behavior.


This is why many companies today are struggling to make a sale; this is the difference between your company and FORTUNE 500 companies.


Now, I want to show you something that I think will help this whole concept make a lot more sense.



Massive Traffic Source – Where To Focus And Tap-In

Google has a massive database of 17 million terabytes of data and still growing.


They analyze these data and they look for all the trends going on.


Here is why Google has such huge amount of data you can freely tap into:

  • Google‎ receives ‎92.46% of all daily searches being done all over the world
  • Bing‎ has ‎2.45% of all daily searches
  • Yahoo!‎ 1.82% of all daily searches
  • YANDEX RU‎ ‎0.55% of all daily searches


This is the search engine market share global statistics, the four (4) top search engines in the world. Every day, someone, somewhere is either searching for an answer, a product or a place.



What next?

We are going to be focusing on how to easily get a decent amount of traffic from Google. Because Google has the largest amount of data, they have the customers that you need and they are willing to share these customers with you.



How Do You Reach or Tap Into That Audience?

We did a little more research on this question and here is a screen-shot of what other professionals are saying (please pay close attention to the highlighted areas in red):


How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products


If you take a very closer look, you will see that there is one common thing about all the four different answers.


The first one says, “Answer every question your customers have about your product”.


The second one says, “Have a written record of the questions your customers ask you all the time”.


The third one says, “Deliver tailored content they can actually use”. How can you make your content tailored?


By discovering the needs (the unanswered buyer questions) of your targeted customers. If you can easily figure out the series of unanswered buyer questions on the minds of your customers, you can then deliver tailored content by simply answering them.


The forth one says, “Educate them on a purchase”. How can you educate them? How would you know what they’d love to learn about before they make a purchase?


Again, by figuring out the most important buyer questions on their minds, if you can easily figure out these most important buyer questions that they have and you answer them – you teach them the answers; they would quickly consider you to be trustworthy, knowledgeable. This would lead to long-term relationships and repeated sales.


Again, what is the one common thing that appears consistently among all these similar answers: the common thing is “Answering Buyer Questions”.


So the point is to get the list of questions customers search for just before purchasing your product, because if you can answer the prospect’s last question, you get the sale.


You can get a ton of targeted traffic, just by answering these questions – these buyer questions.


Between, it has to do with understanding the buying cycle. I’m soon going to show you how this little exercise unlocks profit for your business.



A Real Life Example (hope it works!)

The title of this article is: How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online and Encourage Them to Buy My Products?


Right here, I am trying to answer one big question that has plagued millions of people (businesses – companies) around the world today over the years.


You are right here with me, highly engaged for some couple of minutes now reading my well-articulated answer.


At this point, how do you feel about me and my team right now? Yes, ask yourself, how do you feel?


You consider us to be trustworthy and knowledgeable, right?


Even though you’ve never met me in person, you want to build a long-term relationship with me and my team.


Yep! That’s how powerful this simple secret method works. It’s so powerful that most people don’t see it, can’t easily see it and so it remains a small-little-big secret within the few who use it.



Understanding The Buyer-Cycle

So this brings us to the part where we all need to understand what the “buyer cycle” is and the role it plays in marketing.


The buying cycle is sometimes also known as the marketing or sales cycle.


It’s a patterned process consumers and your business buyers go through when contemplating a purchase.


Understanding the pattern buyers go through in your industry is key to effective marketing and promotions, both offline and online.


There are three (3) major or basic stages in the buyer-cycle:

  • STAGE 1 – Awareness: This is the first stage. The point at which the buyer recognizes that he needs something or the point at which he recognizes your product or services and views it as a possibility (not yet considered it and not ready for the purchase).
  • STAGE 2 – Consideration: This is the next broad stage in the buying cycle – consideration. This is one of the most impacting stages in terms of your company’s status with a potential buyer. During this second stage in the buying cycle, the buyer formulates a consideration set and evaluates each option on factors important to him – his needs. Your ability to convey real benefits that coincide with your target customer’s needs is crucial during this time.
  • STAGE 3 – Purchase: This is the point of purchase, also called the decision stage, which is essentially crunch time in the buying cycle. This is the point at which a real buyer has finally determined or decided which product or service best matches his needs at the most affordable price.


How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products? 7



Why Am I Showing You This?

Understanding the buying cycle is crucial in successful marketing (both online and offline). You do not want to be targeting your marketing effort to customers who are still in the ‘AWARENESS STAGE’ – the early stage of the buying cycle. If you do that, you are simply going to be throwing away your marketing budget, precious time and you will go into debt in no time.


Understanding the buyer cycle also enables you to know those who are “tire kickers” or “curiosity seekers”. It’s the best way to make sure you’re talking (marketing) to buyers, not just tire kickers.


Please, if you’re not using this strategy yet, you need to implement it right away. It is the best way to make sure you have actual buyers coming in through your digital doorway.


Our Powerful Marketing Tools: With my in-house team, we have a software – a “commercial questions engine” that simply shows us all these buyer questions (commercial questions) related to any product or service in the world, so we can just simply and easily copy and paste them every single time. So we do not stress during this process at all – it’s quite simple for us!


The Power TIP: Too much effort will be needed from you to put-in to convince a customer in the early stage of the buying cycle to make a purchase. At this stage, it’s way too early to close the sale. This is because there are still dozens of obstacles to overcome before the cash comes out – a lot of buyer questions still need answers before the cash comes out.


To convince a customer that is still in the awareness stage is way much difficult (almost impossible). Don’t waste your time! Just learn to target the right people – those in their final stage of the buying cycle.


Why do you even want to waste your time, effort and resources on targeting the wrong people – don’t your company need instant sales and cash flowing in!


There are lots of hungry buyers out there who are in there final stage of the buying cycle, they are everywhere around you, all over the place, people who are desperately seeking and looking for what you have to offer.


REMEMBER: There is more than enough in the universe. You just need to open up your vision and see all what’s around you.


Have you forgotten that Google is having 92.46% of all daily searches being done all over the world; they are receiving over 63,000 searches per second every single day.


And the beautiful part is that, you can easily tap into this huge and massive data. It’s readily available to anyone.


When you tap into this data, you simple filter it, keeping in mind the three (3) basic stages we’ve just discoursed about the buyer cycle. And then, when you segment that massive crowd of people (users), you simply then, focus on those in their final stage of the buying cycle.


Your goal: Get the attention of the buyer just before he pulls out his wallet – his or her credit card to buy.


You may have heard of “launch jacking”.


It works on the same principle, using product launches.


It’s not my cup of tea, but it works, because it grabs the buyer’s attention, just when he’s ready to make the purchase.



The Little Challenge

I know where the little challenge for many of you would be.


Many of you maybe would now be asking: how do I filter this huge crowd of people? How can I successfully segment this massive data: 63,000 searches per second, 2 trillion searches per year?



How We Systematically Do Our Successful Viral Marketing

We frequently do online marketing for different products and for different companies anywhere in the world – Africa, Asia, Europe, America, etc.


How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products? 9

Systematic. Careful Research. Locate The Starving Crowd.


When we do marketing, our whole online effort begins with the part technically known as ‘keyword research’. Most times we do this part for free or for just a tiny little fee.


Keyword research helps us locate the starving crowd very easily. It helps us know:

  • Questions people are asking
  • Who/what kind of person is behind the question
  • How people talk online about a specific item
  • The language pattern of the market
  • The buyer path to the purchase
  • How to make the buyer/customer pull-out their credit card
  • It also eliminates built in assumptions



We use this built-in marketing formula we generated to position the client as the expert so that people trust his or her business and want to buy from them.


Getting traffic is not the most important thing for us; we help clients get enormous amount of highly-targeted traffic. But the most important thing here is trust – trust makes the client to get the sale.


This concept is what our formula – online marketing formula is built upon.


Final Tip: When it comes to direct marketing, the most profitable habit you can cultivate is the habit of constantly being on the lookout for groups of people (markets) who have demonstrated that they are starving (or, at least hungry) for the particular product or service that you have to offer.



My Last Words For You

So, I have no much to say anymore, at least I just want to stop writing at this point. The content is getting a bit too lengthy. What we have here is already over 4000 words and can still easily add up if I continue to write.


At this point, I’d like to break it up a bit and take a good cup of coffee. I think I need it!

How Can I Quickly Reach Customers Online And Encourage Them To Buy My Products


In my next update, I will specifically be speaking and drilling-down on three (3) major points:

  • Where can I find my target customers that are in their final stage of the buying cycle?
  • How do you find all these buyer questions that your target customers have?
  • What is the best traffic source?


If you have any concerns, please feel very free to contact me or you can simply leave a comment here below in the comment section.


Do not forget to show us some love and kindness by hitting the share button very hard – smash it!


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