Drive Mad Sales to Your Business (Auto Sales Marketing)

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Drive Mad Sales to Your Business (Auto Sales Marketing)


Mad Traffic – Mad Sales


Yes, we all open businesses to get sales for our products or services.


We all want instant sales if there is anything that can make that possible!


Sadly, with the economic downturn plaguing all of us here in Nigeria and in so many big cities around the world, businesses generally are experiencing enormous drop in number of daily sales.



Those who have business skills or ideas that they want to get into so as to support themselves, are faced with a greater challenge.


They are presented with the difficulty of having less starting capital and a bleak business prospect right now, here in Nigeria.


Is your business experiencing the same plight?


Enormous Drop in Sales



Do you feel that there would be no way around this until recession ends?


Have you resigned yourself to patiently waiting until this economic depression is over?


Or have you closed down your business because you seem not to be having customers as you used to?


Closing Down of Business


Well, I have good news for your business.

You can turn your business around even in this recession, and I mean right now.


Yea, you can drive crazy sales to your business no matter where you are in the world – any city at all.


Let me show you how you can turn around your business in a way a lot of people have never imagined.


These guaranteed auto sales method have worked for several businesses. I am 100% assured it will work for your business too!


It will work for your business in a twinkle of an eye and you will wonder what you have been doing with your business-life since.


As usual I have two options for you:

  • Write us a comment so we can forward you details of the company who can help you drive auto-sales (instant customers) to your business.
  • Or continue to read this article to get more details on how this method works.


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Get Help. Drive Auto-Sales.



What is this Auto Sales Marketing System that’ll Bring Quick Sales to your Business Online?

It is getting highly-targeted buyer traffic from Google to your business. And it is also more than that.


We are not just talking about getting highly-targeted buyer traffic to your business, but also to get you hungry customers – buyers who want to buy from you instantly.


Once this Auto Sales Marketing System is launched you can expect to start seeing results in one day, or in one week, but you must be assured of massive sales drive in no more than 4 weeks.


At this point let me burst your bubble.


Here it is:

  • Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day (Did you read that? Per second?)
  • 8 million searches per minute (I want that to sink in, 8 million!)
  • 228 million searches per hour
  • 6 billion searches per day
  • which translates into at least 2 trillion searches per year


Do you understand what that means for your business?


63,000 Searches Per Second. 2 Trillion Per Year.


That means that once you launch this auto sales system for your business, you would get targeted customers trickling down to you every day to buy your product or services.


Let me further burst your mind about this auto-sales system.


If you carry out this strategy properly you can get not just anyone coming to check out your business, but you’d have hungry customers who truly want to buy from you.


That is the difference between those who follow this system properly and those who do not.


Those who do follow this system properly get immediate sales to their business.


You don’t need to struggle to make sales or push products into the market.


For those who are tech savvy let’s give you more details about how this system works.


Meanwhile you can write us a comment so we can forward you details of a company that can help you drive instant customers to your business.


And please, kindly remember to show us some love by hitting the share button.



What I am about to show you now is how you can confidently drive what we refer to as highly-targeted buyer traffic to your business, how you can rightly do that by tapping deep into these huge number of users (the massive audience) who depend on Google to survive each day.


How The Auto Sales Marketing Works

Now, when clients make request to drive sales to their business, the first question we usually should ask is: how many people are interested in this particular product that the customer is trying to promote? Are there real buyers for that item? Is there a market for it?


For Example: Let’s say your business is an ‘importation and exportation business’.


The first step is to launch an in-depth market research for your particular market and here is what you should possibly get for the import business (see image proof):

  • “china online shopping” (18,000 people are searching for it every month)
  • “import and export” (14,800 people are searching for it every month)
  • “china online shopping site” (2,900 people are searching for it every month)
  • “how to import goods from china” (720 people are searching for it every month)
  • “mini importation business” (480 people are searching for it every month)


And there are still other more searches like (see image proof):

  • First-mini importation business guide pdf
  • Second-mini importation business in nigeria
  • Third-mini importation secrets
  • Fourth-mini importation websites


Please see image screen-shot below as a proof.


This shows you the exact number of people searching for these items and should help build your confidence in this guaranteed method of driving sales and eliminate any doubt in this proven system.


The major aim from this point, will now be to pull all these crowd of hungry buyers (18000 + 14800 + 2900 + 720 + 480) to your particular product or offer.


How would you go about that?” You may ask.


After careful research to find out what people in your market niche are searching for here is what to do next.


Find out the less competitive search terms in the list you have gathered.


To achieve an effective result they’re sold search engine tools that helps in sieving out this result.


Once this less competitive search terms have been sieved out you’re ready to move to the next step.


This is what to do next.


Creating content strategy around the search terms.


Creating this content strategy usually involves several factors.


Whatever strategy you employ your goal would be to have Google search engine to recognize it.


Once you can achieve that you would have pass the greatest obstacle in this auto sales marketing system.


Finally, you might want to support this auto sales system with this last step.


You could possibly pay for PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising.


This would then mean, running an online promotion for your business and convince all these hungry crowd of buyers to purchase your product because they are already searching for what you have to offer.



How the Auto Sales Marketing Works

The whole marketing effort starts from the part technically known as ‘keyword research’. That is what I have just demonstrated for you above.


80/20 Rule. Great Formula For Profitable Business.


Keyword research helps to locate the starving crowd very easily. It helps us know:

  • Questions people are asking
  • Who/what kind of person is behind the question
  • How people talk online about a specific item
  • The language pattern of the market
  • The buyer path to the purchase
  • How to make the buyer pull-out their credit card
  • It also eliminates built in assumptions


This sales strategy will help position you as the expert so that people trust your business and want to buy from you.


Getting traffic is not the most important thing here; you can get an enormous amount of traffic from anywhere. But the most important thing is trust, trust is more important.


Trust makes you get the sale – trust is the easiest and fastest way to make a customer pull-out his/her credit card. If you increase trust, you increase sales.


Write us a comment so we can forward you details of a firm who can help you drive instant customers to your business.


You can find me somewhere in between inspiring others, working on myself, dodging negativity, & slaying my goals. If we share something in common, hang on there I have a cup of coffee for you!


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