DailySteer Affiliate Disclaimer

DailySteer Disclaimer

Here at Dailysteer.com we believe in transparency and honesty on the web.


Dailysteer is one of the respected marketing blogs for small-medium businesses around your neighborhood. A common question we often get asked is how do you operate? And how do you make money?


So we’re creating this page to answer How is DailySteer funded, and Why it matters to you!



How Is DailySteer Funded?

We have always believed in being honest and transparent with our audience. In our opinion, that’s the only way to build a community.


Running a popular website like Dailysteer.com that helps hundreds of thousands of users every month requires significant investment. Both on the server infrastructure part as well as on the content creation part.


So we have to make money otherwise we would have to shut the site down. Below is our primary source that fund DailySteer.



Referral Fees

We earn referral fees when you buy services from companies that we recommend.


We only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers. We thoroughly test and use all products that we recommend. All opinions are our own, and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.


This monetization method is called affiliate marketing. The biggest brands on the internet offer affiliate programs such as Amazon, Clicbank, eBay, Google, etc. Many of your favorite sites use affiliate marketing to pay the bills.


DailySteer.com earns a monetary commission when you purchase items through Amazon.com, Clickbank vendors or any other third-party websites where products and services can be purchased.


The only difference is that not everyone tell their users how they make money.


When you click on any of our referral links, you are tagged with a special cookie to track the referral. If you end up buying the product, then they pay us a referral fee.



Affiliate Compensation Disclosure

From time to time, we promote, endorse, or suggest products or services of others. In most cases, we will be compensated – either as an affiliate with a commission based on sales, or with a free product to review or use. Our recommendations are always based on (i) our personal belief in the high quality and value of the product or service, and (ii) our review of the product or service, or a prior relationship or positive experience with the sponsoring person or organization.



Why am I explaining this?

Because this website is proudly a business marketing blog owned outside of the United States and Europe, I am not required to comply with the FTC affiliate disclosure policy, BUT I believe it is the right thing to do.



How Can You Help Us?

Sites like Dailysteer.com takes a lot of investment to operate.


We have a dedicated team of writers and editors.


That’s why we need your help. Below are few ways you can help us:

  • If you’re thinking of buying a product, then please buy it using a Dailysteer.com referral link.
  • If you’re using a product that we recommend, then please leave your review in the comments to help others.
  • Spread the word by sharing Dailysteer.com articles with your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.



Why Should You Help Us?

By purchasing using our affiliate links, you are helping us to pay for this website and to offer you more great content. It’s a no-cost-to-you way to help us to continue helping you.



Thank You For Your Continued Support

Before you leave this page, we want you to know that we value your continued support. Whether that support comes in the form of helping us to spread our website to your friends and other contacts or you purchase items affiliated with the programs listed above, we appreciate you for simply visiting and reading this.



Thank you.


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