Advice On First Car: Best Car To Buy (Car Buying Tips)

Advice On First Car: Car Buying Tips For First Time Buyers

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I have heard so many sad stories from first time buyers following their purchase of a used car from dealers here in Nigeria. Many of these first time buyers make many costly mistakes and they end up learning the hard way.

Some of these first time buyers have been swindled when trying to get a used car or their first used car because they do not have any trusted and experienced person to guide them.

I am sure you would not want to go through such an experience and you wouldn’t want that either for your Family and Friends. This is why I have written on this topic: best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers.

The Truth is this: Anyone getting a new or used car (be it young or old; man or woman) deserves a perfect car. Whether you are planning on getting your 2nd, 3rd or 4th car; you deserve a perfect car. How much more when it’s only your first time, then, you deserve more than just a perfect car – you deserve a perfect first car!

Of course, when you get that perfect first car, the last conversation you would want to engage in, is “spare-part conversation” (spare-part discussion). No one, not you, would want just after buying a car, to start chatting with a mechanic about spare-parts.

In case you don’t know how it feels, let me tell you now. It feels horrible!

This is why you need an experienced guide, you must have that experienced person to guide you through the process. And that’s why I am here – that’s where I come in.

So, my sole aim is to help enlighten you out there reading this blog post, so you can avoid horrible mistakes that could cause you horrible feelings. 🙂

Whether you are reading this blog article right on your smart phone or on your laptop or desktop, I can rightly guess the feelings that you are feeling right now and I can also tell the many questions locked in your mind that you are wanting to ask about the best car to buy as your first car.

Questions such as: “i want to buy a new car”, “i want to buy my first car”, “what’s the best car for me?”, “what’s the best car to buy?”, “best car to buy as a first car in Nigeria”, “what car is right for me?”, “which car model is the best?”.

I know…I know…I know, you want reliable answers to these questions – practical answers.

If it were possible for you to have a one-on-one chat with me, you would have really loved it, right?

Don’t worry, sit back and relax. Right here in this blog post, I have provided you with all the answers that you are seeking and I am very willing to tell you more (all you need to know), so that you can make the best decision today, tomorrow or in the near future; or possibly you could use what you learn from here to help others (Family and Friends).

No matter your location (within Nigeria or outside the country), I have provided a way for you to contact me right here to ask me any other of your unanswered questions or maybe make any detailed inquiries about cars. I am very interested in building a business relationship with each and everyone of you reading this – provided this piece of content was helpful to you.

So you certainly have nothing to worry about. I am very willing to help you, your location doesn’t matter! I will be that experienced guide you need to easily put the pieces of the puzzle together.

By the time you are done reading through this well detailed blog article, you will surely be fully equipped to confidently go off and make that buying decision that has kept you hanging.

So let’s get started… best car to buy as a first car – as your first car

You would agree with me when I say, this world is moving too fast, right? We are living in a fast-pace world. Sometimes you could even misplace the pace of this world for the speed of light. 🙂

Living in this fast-pace world, coupled with managing your personal and professional life can really be tough – very tough. And if you do not have your own personal mode of transportation, your life could seem as if it is spinning out of your control.

So to make things easier, you would need and should always find an easier, reliable mode of transportation and that’s where the topic comes in: Best car to buy as a first car – as your first car.

Here, I would also be dropping some car buying tips for first time buyers to help you know how you can easily stay on track and avoid small but critical first-time-car-buyer mistakes.

Major Points You Will Find In This Article

Now here are some of the most important points we will be covering in this article. These questions are being searched on Google every single day, people are always sourcing for reliable answers to these questions:

  • A better way to buy a car
  • Best car to buy as a first car – as your first car
  • The five most important things to check for during tear-down car inspection
  • A good car to buy
  • Advice on first car
  • What to do when you get your first car
  • A first car: why important and why invest in one
  • Documents needed when buying a used car
  • Car buying tips for first time buyers
  • Good mileage for first car

Ready? Let us move on!

QUESTION: A Better Way To Buy A Car

ANSWER: When talking about the best car to buy as a first car – as your first car, there is certainly a better way to buy a car – there’s a better way to go about it. Now, here I’m giving you your first car buying tips for first time buyers!

Before you go ahead to buy a used car, please be sure to have the car inspected. There are lots of seemingly good cars plying the road today but the owners of these cars may not be aware that some of these cars will park-up very soon.

So you will need a mechanic to do some thorough inspection before you start negotiation. But not only would you be needing a mechanic, you would also be needing a car electrician, a panel beater, a painter and an A.C MAN.

If you can find these five (5) technics in one person, then, you have found gold (pure gold). I suggest you start your search right now for this 5-in-1 technics person. They don’t easily come by. So the earlier you start, the better!

QUESTION:- Why Do You Need All Five Technics For Inspection?

ANSWER: But to be frank, you will need all five (5) of them. Now, here is what each of the five will be doing for you:

  • The Mechanic – he will be needed for engine and gear
  • The Car Electrician – he will be needed for the electrical parts
  • The Panel Beater – he will be needed for the car body work history
  • The Painter – he will be checking for original paint or if there is a compromise
  • The A.C MAN – he will do checking for the air condition system

QUESTION:- Best Car To Buy As A First Car – As Your First Car: Car Buying Tips For First Time Buyers

ANSWER: When it comes to the best car to buy as a first car – as your first car or a good car to buy or maybe an advice on first car, it is good you note that different countries have their various car values.

For Ghana, it is BMW that comes upfront before any other car brand. But here in Nigeria, it has a hierarchy. We have Lexus which comes first, secondly a Toyota, thirdly a Honda and so on.

Please also note that these are not the best cars in the world. The point is that over here in Nigeria, we consider them the best values because they are known to have a far better second-hand value than other good cars.

So you want to go for a car that after you are done using, you could always sell it off for a good price without leaving much cash on the table.

QUESTION:- Advice On First Car

ANSWER: Everyone is always asking for some sort of “legal” advice on first car, please I am not a lawyer or some attorney 🙂

Well, let me still help you out on this one.

If you are trying to get your first car as a beginner, you should really be looking out for a car with good fuel economy.

I’ll highly recommend that you opt for any 4 cylinder car, such as a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. Better still, you could try a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic.

The reason for these recommendations is because these cars have very cheap spare parts in the market.

Another option if you are thinking of an SUV with good economy, you can opt for Rav4 or CRV.

Did you know that Toyota Land Cruiser Prado also comes in 4cylinder engines? Indeed, YES IT DOES. A big car wth low fuel consumption.

So that is it, they are all good options- in terms of fuel economy. Whichever one you decide on, just only make sure to carry out proper regular maintenance and service as specified by the manufacturer.

Highlander is also an option to consider but it doesn’t come with 4 cylinders.


QUESTION:- What To Do When You Get Your First Car

ANSWER: After getting the satisfying answer you needed to that question you’ve been asking (best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: advice on first car) and finally you have made that buying decision; what then do you do now you have gotten that perfect car?

Well, my best advice for you is to use it wisely so that it can still have a good re-sell value in a case where by you want to sell it out to get a new one. If you use it wisely, you wouldn’t be worried about losing much money later down the line. That’s my best and honest advice!

Okay now, please…please and please enough of these questions and answers.

You guys are making me feel like some sort of horrible student in a horrible examination class. 🙂

You well know how it feels to be in an examination hall, it doesn’t feel cool; it feels rather horrible.

Especially, when in that exam class and you don’t know what to say or write and you are busy biting the top of your biro (your pen) and constantly staring blankly at some white horrible class room ceiling. 🙂

I remember those “horror-movie” class-room times, it was a terrible feeling. Please don’t remind me! 🙁

So now, let us move away from these horrible Q&As and talk about something else much more interesting under this topic (best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers).

Maybe we could talk a little bit more about why actually a first car is important and why you really really really need to invest in one.

Then, just after that, I will be giving you details of the exact documents you will require when getting a used car for the first time. And lastly, I will give you some 11 cool tips every first time buyer must know.

Read along….

A First Car: Why Important And Why Invest In One

One major reason why cars have become so common and widespread is because of its importance and the ease it gives to life- it is an easy mode of transportation.

Moving from one place to another has never been so easy, more convenient than before. We no longer have to solely rely on public means of transportation for daily travel between home and office or between home and grocery store.

You can now enjoy the freedom and independence that results from having either a new car or a used car. Now here are some few cool reasons:

Owning a car is like owning a property:- second to the purchase of your own home comes the need to having a car of your own. Owning your own car is one of the largest investments you can ever make after owning a house. It’s like a property in the sense that, in times of need, you can sell it off for some good amount and go for a less expensive model. Then, use the money for some other useful need that you may have.

You will spend most of your time in your car:- after you finally get your new or used car, you will spend most of your time in it, especially during commutes. So without your own car, you might not be able to kill time. At least in your own car you can play some good music or talk with a friend.

You cannot rely on public transport:- if you are searching online for best car to buy as a first car – as your first car or maybe you are searching for car buying tips for first time buyers, it’s because you want to be independent. Now look at this, if you try to catch the bus in the morning, sometimes you end up realizing its already gone. And sometimes, if the bus is late and maybe you need to get somewhere really fast- it doesn’t feel good. So you just can’t rely on public transport.

Convenience and independence:- for those who commute to work on a daily basis, life without a personal means of transportation can be really frustrating. This could possibly be one or maybe the major reason to consider owning a car. It gives you the perfect convenience, freedom and it is the right step towards independence. You cannot always depend on family members, friends or public transport. At least you need some self-respect and confidence.

Save time and save your mind:- taking care of kids and taking them to school each day could be really stressful for parents, if you are a parent you know what I mean. Using the public transport, you have to constantly remember the time for some school bus so that you do not miss it. This could be a constant hassle for a very busy parent and time consuming. However, if you own a personal car you can easily drop them off and ease the burden on you a little bit.

Easy shopping and transportation of heavy items:- as soon as it gets to a new month, you need to head out to the groceries for the needs of the family. But the most fraustrating part of it all is to have to jump the bus with all these heavy food items. With a car you would not have to go through any of these hassles because every car comes with a deep truck that gives you more than just enough space to transport any of your shopping items.

Allows traveling with large group of friends:- having a personal car can lower the transportation cost during travel or long trips with extended family or large group of friends. In this case, you would not need to rent vehicles or use public transportation.

Safe mode of transportation:- when you compare the public transport we have out there, having your own car is much safer. They usually come well equipped with many safety features including collision detection, airbags, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, tire pressure, blind spot monitoring, safety belts and brake assist. All these features put together makes driving  a safer experience.

Documents Needed When Buying A Used Car

Remember, this article is titled: best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers, so there is no way we would create this massive content without us talking about the documents you would be needing when getting a car. If we miss this part, then, this article is incomplete.

All first time car buyers must know that buying a car is not an easy task, proper knowledge is needed. When getting a Nigerian used car, do well to get the following original documents from the seller:

  1. Custom Duty Papers: Ensure these papers are complete and fully stamped. Check if all things correspond, like the name and model of car. Ensure that all payments were made. Must be up-to-date.
  2. Vehicle Licence
  3. CMR (computerized motor registration)
  4. Current Insurance Papers
  5. Road Worthiness (original document)
  6. Tint Permit (if it applies)
  7. Proof of Ownership Certificate fully stamped
  8. Plate Number Allocation

When you then pay for the car, also ensure to get these documents:

  • Receipt of payment duly signed by seller
  • Change of Ownership Document also signed by seller, yourself and witness
  • Proceed to complete change of ownership at the licensing office to completely transfer the vehicle to your name

Keep in mind that the VIN/Chassis Number and Registration Number must correspond in all these documents. Ensure VIN and all payments were made, if any mistake is encountered could cause you a lot of trouble down the road.

If possible, ensure that you meet with the car owner to try to establish a proof of ownership of the vehicle. For instance, you can do well to check the car owner’s International passport or driver’s license (2nd option) to confirm if his or her name matches the name on the car documents.

All documents that you receive must be crisp clear documents, not folded or rumpled in any way and not faded. Do not allow any one talk you into “nobody will ask you for custom papers” crap. Any missing document could mean doom or stolen vehicle.

What If A Car Was Bought Brand New

What if the car you are trying to purchase was bought brand new in Nigeria, would you still need all these documents and would you also need to get the custom papers?

The answer is this, yes you will still need the documents mentioned above. But since the car was bought brand new in Nigeria by the first owner, this time around; you would not receive a custom document, you would rather get a certificate from the dealer it was purchased from.

NB: Here is yet another car buying tips for first time buyers, so take note.

Not all dealers have the license to bring in brand new cars.

Please make sure you see their license to import before you term your car a brand new vehicle. If not, the police will still request for custom papers from your vehicle because your supposed brand new car is not from a licensed source.

So please and please if where you want to buy your brand new does not have the license to operate selling and importing brand new vehicles please request for a customs paper duly signed and stamped. We only have a few brand new car licenced brand in Nigeria E.G COSCHARIS, ELIZADE, HONDA, STALLION GROUP, TOYOTA AND MORE.


It is easy to get swindled when getting your car for the first time without proper guide from an experienced person, such as you are getting here under this topic (best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers). When going for a car for the first time there are procedures you must follow like the ‘10 commandments’.

Why many fall victim of some cheap car fraud is because of not being aware of some of these rules or some of these car buying tips for first time buyers. If you are not aware of them, you are sure to make one or two silly mistakes that will certainly leave you heart broken. But do not get overly worried, that is why I am here – to guide you.

Here are some very important car buying tips for first time buyers you must keep in mind:

Tip #1: Never be in haste.

Tip #2: When going to inspect a used vehicle, go with an auto technician that specializes in that brand of vehicle, not just any mechanic.

Tip #3: Never, ever ignore any warning lights on a used vehicle. NEVER! I repeat NEVER!

Tip #4: Always and always get a used car raised and get that specialist mechanic to go underneath for a thorough inspection.

Tip #5: Possibly remove front tires and check the suspension and engine bay extensively.

Tip #6: Always ask for a long test drive (test drive at a speed of 140km/h if possible) 🙂

Tip #7: If you want to buy a used car, a tear down inspection is a pre-requisite.

Tip #8: Know what components are bad, what would need instant replacements so you know just how much more money you’d be putting in after buying it (if you’d still be buying it).

Tip #9: When thinking about the best car to buy as a first car – as your first car, never be desperate.

Tip #10: Comport yourself and do not fall for “someone already made a deposit or someone is coming to pay for it tomorrow”.

Tip #11: Run away from sellers who do not allow you to test drive a car on sale. If the seller is unwilling to allow for a test drive, that is a sure pointer that the car could certainly be having an underlying problem.

Conclusion: Good Mileage For First Car

I’m sure you’re surprise to see that the conclusion to this article (best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers) is still another question and answer, me too!

ANSWER: It is an old rule-of-thumb to judge a car’s condition or its risk for future problems by simply looking at its mileage or brand, model.

Do not be quick to assume that a car is in a perfect condition because it has a “low” or “average” miles. Or that it is in a pretty bad shape if it is having a “high” miles. It isn’t just that simple. The truth is that, a wrecked and poorly repaired vehicle with a low mileage is for no bargain at any price. The condition of a vehicle is more important than the years or mileage.

What Service Can I Offer You?

We have discussed this topic at length (best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers). But do I really have a service to offer?

Hmmm… let me think! Uuuummm yes I do! 🙂

First of all, this well detailed article that you just finished reading is one free service I am offering you.

As I said earlier, no matter your location here in Nigeria, I am also still offering to answer any of your unanswered questions for free.

I certainly know some of you will still have a bunch of questions you’d like to ask me. Feel free to call me up from the comfort of your home or office.

Another three more important things I can do for you is this:

  1. If you want to buy a car, I can help you get the perfect selection. Any brand – any model. Just say it and I’ll get you a perfect one!
  2. If you want to sell your car (any car or truck), I can help you sell it very fast. When I say very fast, what I mean is – “I will help you sell it in less than 24 hours”. Yes, I said less than a day and you have my word.
  3. Lastly, do you remember the five (5) technics in one person I talked to you earlier about? Above, at the top part of this article, I called it “the pure gold”. I can help you get that tech guy! I know where he lives 🙂
  4. Please there is no Number.4 service, I already said “Lastly” above. I know some of you are waiting to hear me tell you that I sell spare parts. No, I don’t. Thank you! 🙂

The reason why I don’t sell spare part is because the car that I will be giving you, wouldn’t need them. They will be just perfect – in good shape, perfect shape!

Hope you enjoyed the topic (best car to buy as a first car – as your first car).

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below in the comment section and I will be more than happy to help you out.

More info coming soon on this topic: best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers.

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