My friend, Michael, who resides in Nigeria, is 32 years old and he has come to the point in his life where he has to face the reality of buying his first car. He wants to know a better way to buy a car; he needs advice on first car purchase.

How do I help Michael? Are you faced with a similar challenge? Are you thinking of a better way to buy a car? Do you need advice on your first car?

Realizing that this is a challenge a lot of car buyers would have I decided to write this article to help all first car buyers. Some of the discussions would definitely help others who already have cars.

I’ve compiled everything you need to know, best car to buy for beginners, best car brands to buy, best car dealer offers, best place to shop for cars online and lots more.


Best Car to Buy for Beginners

There is nothing so perplexing for a novice like trying to make a choice on the type of car to buy. I know definitely you already have a certain taste of a car that fancy your taste buds.

However, when the time arrives to make a purchase you might want to consider certain factors when buying a new car. Such considerations include durability, easy access to car parts, your budget, and others.

Well your most important consideration would be to buy a car that you would also sell after usage without losing much.

Depending on where you live, every country place different values on the car they prioritize. For instance, in Ghana it is BMW first before any other car.

Then in Nigeria it comes in hierarchy. Lexus first, Toyota second, Honda third and so on. Granted these are not the best cars in the world, but in Nigeria they are considered the best because they have far better second hand value than other good cars.


Best Car Brands to Buy In Nigeria – Lexus

There is a unanimous consensus that Lexus is one of the best brands to buy in Nigeria. One of the noticeable factors for its reliability is due to the fact that they are owned by Toyota.

The Lexus brand is the luxury division of Toyota. It has become a popular brand in Nigeria and in over 70 countries in the world.

The Japanese automaker Toyota over the years has been renowned for topping Japan’s sales of premium cars and ranks among the 10 best in the world.

Being a hugely dependable brand, it makes sense that Lexus is also reliable as the company’s other brands.

Aside from its reliability, Lexus is well recommended for building stylish, comfortable cars that are great to drive.

Lexus is the most reliable Luxury car brands in Nigeria. To me it tops the list of strong and reliable cars in Nigeria, and yet remains stylish, and comfortable compared to brand counterparts.

Other luxury advantages of Lexus include having comfortable-lavish-interior, low-noise-level, and brand-prestige.

Of course, like always, there are many personal preferences which make people like/dislike certain brands. So I’m pretty sure some folks will not consider any of the items mentioned above as “benefits” or being better in Lexus than their-favorite brands of cars.

Apart from the general consumer high perception of the Lexus brand several polls on the brand has ranked them top for dependability.

For example AutoExpress and Consumer Reports ranked them top for both new and used car dependability, with the Lexus models scoring an impressive record in its reliability.

So for us Lexus knocks other car brands in Nigeria out of the park.


Best Car Brands to Buy In Nigeria – Toyota

My second best car brand in Nigeria would go Toyota itself. Toyota is the best-selling car brand in Nigeria and in the world. It is truly a global company having its cars exported to over 150 countries.

Why is Toyota my second best car brand in Nigeria?


Fuel efficient – Toyota cars are fuel efficient, meaning they don’t consume so much fuel and still affords comfortable driving experience. This is a good cash saving advantage for many Nigerians.

CheapToyota cars are considerable cheaper in price when compared to Mercedes Benz, Honda and BMW. That should explain why it is popular in Nigeria. So depending on your budget you can get a corresponding Toyota model that suits your pocket.

Stability – considering the poor road network in Nigeria, Toyota cars are the best car brands to consider. Toyota cars can ply rough and tarmacked roads and still show extreme stability.

Different colours, sizes and brands – Toyota cars have more brands, colour type and sizes than any other car brand. This gives consumers are wide range of choices to make.

Durability – Toyota cars possesses long life span, especially if regular checks and maintenance are done on them.

Resale Value – do you want to sell your car at a good price after you have used them? Then Toyota cars are the best option for you. Its durability keeps attracting buyers even after considerable usage.

Ideal for business – due to its many fine qualities Toyota cars are highly recommended for transport business.

Spare parts – being the most popular car in the world Toyota cars spare parts are easily available. It is much easier to find Toyota spare part stocked by spare part dealers due to its fast sales.


Best Car Brands to Buy In NigeriaHonda

From my experience I can say from the use of two Honda cars I’ll say it is closely as good as Toyota cars.

The Honda car needed only some little basic maintenance over its period of existence. Some of these maintenance included old changes, fluid-top-offs, tire rotation, and replacing a tail-light bulb once.

Once the Honda car got into an accident none of the passengers were harmed except for some minor bruises. I can say the strong nature of the car must have helped in that instance.

The Honda was later traded ……when it hit 200k miles since it was turning old and a newer model replacement would be ideal.

So Honda cars are sturdy, can really last for a long space of time and can be very affordable to maintain.

There is a common saying that Honda leg joint or knuckle can pull at any tine if one is not careful. It does happen but very rare and it happens only with much older models of Honda because Honda has since improved on it. So don’t be deceived Honda cars are stronger than you think. Honda has far better interior designs than Toyota. Honda interiors are top notch.


Best Car Brands to Buy In Nigeria – Kia

After Honda the best car brands to buy in Nigeria is Kia. Kia is presently the fastest growing automobile Korean brand. How reliable can the Kia brand be?

In the most recent years, Kia has shown consistency in making appearance in consumer reports among the list of dependable car brands.

The Telegraph placed the Kia brand as 3rd out of 20 most reliable car brands of 2017 for recording only 80 problems per 100 vehicles

Compared to several car brands offering a 3 years warranty, Kia is offering a warrant of 7 years in present years.

In short, Kia is proving to be among the leading most trusted, and reliable, brands around.


Best Car Brands to Buy In Nigeria Hyundai

Hyundai car brands can get you drooling to get behind its wheels. This comes from it unmistakable unique design style. Hyundai car models have sleek, fluid design which easily turn heads.

Each Hyundai car brand comes with a great engine that provides an exciting balance of power and efficiency for a great ride.

Like Toyota car brand Hyundai manages to offer impressive fuel economy.

 With Hyundai coming in with an impressive variety of body styles one can make a wide selection of excellent hatchbacks, sedans and SUV’s to choose from.

The different models to choose from include the efficient Elantra, the spacious Santa Fe, the comfortable Genesis and several others.

Even with this high quality features Hyundai come at affordable price.


Best Car Brands to Buy In NigeriaNissan

Our next best car brand to buy in Nigeria is Nissan.  Nissan cars are well-known for providing cutting edge car styling. Unlike most brands, Nissan offers exciting cars with a variety of models and body styles.

They offer eye-catching exterior designs and cozy interiors that you would want to be proud to show off.

Nissan car models combine a variety of quality performance such as the efficiency of Sonata, the spacious and comfortable nature of Murano or the tough feature of Titan. It is clearly designed to capture different customer taste and quality needs.


Best Car Brands to Buy In Nigeria – Volkswagen

There is no denying the power of the German machine, Volkswagen. The Volkwagen car brand offers the same kind of high quality performance as seen in expensive luxury cars such as BMW or Porsche.

Yet these come at a more affordable price. This makes Volkswagen among the best car brands to buy in Nigeria.


Best Car Brands to Buy In Nigeria – Mercedes Benz

At the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz, the roadways are yours to explore. All Mercedes-Benz sedans, coupes, SUVs, and convertibles are furnished with advanced engines – all of which are harnessed by efficient, noise-reducing 7- or 9-speed automatic transmissions. For power and hand

Even the unaffiliated recognize the Three-Pointed Star. While every Mercedes-Benz is truly unique, the style and charm of the brand is always recognizable. Taut contouring, dramatic air intakes, blazing headlights and taillights, side mirror-integrated turning signals, and a Star-stamped or classic multi-bar grille instantly set a Mercedes-Benz apart from the crowd. The exterior of every Mercedes-Benz can be further enlivened with an eye-catching color, such as Jupiter Red, Diamond Silver, or Lunar Blue. It is often said we have only two cars in the world, and they are “Benz and others”. Benz is just in a world of its own.  Sometimes i like to call it “the best car in the wrong country” because of its second hand value.


Best Car Brands to Buy In Nigeria – Audi

The last but not the least in our list of best car brands to buy in Nigeria is Audi. Audi has conservative design that makes it fashionably different.

Audi has a reputation for having a well laid out interior that makes it looks as if one is sitting in his living room.

It boasts of the best world racing cars which has significant effect in its road drive.

Celebrity fans are mostly fond of riding it especially to award ceremonies. Want to feel like a celebrity? Then get you an Audi.. You want to see how efficient an Audi is please watch the movie “Transporter 1,2,3 and Transporter refuelled” . You will love Audi


Best Car Models to Buy in Nigeria

After highlighting the different car brands it is ideal that we discuss car models that you would want to consider buying.

With the pictures that will accompany the best car models to buy in Nigeria, I have enlisted some attractive features that grace these best car models described below.

There is no particular order to these car models, so you could just want to consider taking of them as your next favorite car to buy.

While these are not necessarily the best in the world, I recommend them as the best car models to buy in Nigeria.


Best Car Models to Buy in Nigeria – TOYOTA COROLLA

The Toyota Corolla falls in the class of subcompact and compact cars manufactured by Toyota. It attained recognition as the best-selling car worldwide in the late 90’s and has kept that record over the years.

Early models of Toyota Corolla were mostly rear-wheel drive. Later models have come with several front-wheel drive versions. People who drove toyota corolla usually say  Toyota mistakenly produced the best car. Because it meets all standard requirement you need in a car


Best Car Models to Buy in Nigeria – LEXUS ES 350

Lexus is recognized for its premium luxury brand. For car buyers who love comfort and luxury then the Lexus ES 350 would be a good choice to go for.

The Lexus ES 350 comes as the latest version in the series of Lexus ES car models and like others Lexus ES is roomy, quiet, comfortable and carefully assembled.

The company provided plenty of standard and optional upscale amenities in its Lexus ES 350. Infact all those who know good cars are currently in a hunt Es350


Best Car Models to Buy in Nigeria – HONDA ACCORD

Never resting on its laurels Honda has always amazed us with its world-class, safe, and efficiently designed Honda Accord.

The Honda Accord is a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda popular for its four-door sedan variant, which has been one of the best-selling cars in Nigeria for more than a decade. The interior is usually Epic


Best Car Models to Buy in Nigeria – HONDA CRV

The Honda CR-V should be one of the car models you should consider if you’re shopping for a small SUV. It is common with families and very fitting with its comfortable interior, roomy rear seats, spacious trunk.

It low fuel consumption rate and excellent safety scores further enhance the CR-V’s appeal as a commuting partner.


Best Car Models to Buy in Nigeria – TOYOTA RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is noticeably for its sharply creased bodywork and an angled headlamp which gives it a strong and commanding presence.

Nonetheless, RAV4 offers a practical, comfortable, and chilling drive. It is further appealing with its advanced safety technology such as auto emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

This and more has made it one of the most popular choices among Toyota models.


Best Car Models to Buy in Nigeria – VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT CC

The Volkswagen CC is a four-door sedan that competes against fashion-forward four-doors in the near-luxury class, including the Audi A4, Acura TLX, Lincoln MKZ, Nissan Maxima, and Volvo S60


Different Ways to Buy a Car

They are several ways you can choose to buy a car in Nigeria. The most common ways are listed below, but the best way to buy a car in Nigeria today is using……

  • The old fashioned street CAN ON CAR type
  • The registered dealer method
  • The online method and
  • The ….. method

The old fashioned street CAN ON CAR Way: this is an old fashioned way of


Registered Dealer Way  

They are several car dealers in Nigeria. A simple Google search can lead you to several car dealers in Nigeria based on your location. The advantage is that you get to see the cars and the owner personally.

Though they’re several disadvantages of buying used cars from most Nigerian car dealers such as

  • Lying about how badly damaged the car was originally before the repairs and selling it to unsuspecting customers.
  • Changing the mileage of the car to deceive buyers into thinking that the car history is not too old. Buying such cars can lead to multiple issues than you have imagined.
  • Getting flooded cars. These kinds of cars are bought at very ridiculous prices and can create unimaginable problems when you buy them.
  • Then there is the issue of smuggled cars with unpaid import duty.


Online Method

There are several ways to buy cars online.


….. Method – Best Place to Shop for Cars Online

…. has fast become the most reliable way to buy quality cars in Nigeria at the best prices. The beauty of Car45 is their high standard and transparent means of car inspection.

…. offers a free, accurate, and an independent evaluation of vehicles thus providing detailed reports on the conditions of the vehicle.

This ….. way gives buyers access to an inventory of certified cars, verified documents and paperwork of the cars and hassle free car purchase.

This professional car evaluation makes them beat most automobile dealers in Nigeria and protects you from being cheated of your money.

I’ll recommend them any day. You get good value for what you pay for. Would you need guidance to buy a ride….? Then contact one of their agents, Mr Femi  070………..

Should I go for a new car or a used car?” you might ask.


Best Car Dealer Offers

Like every other product getting the best deal requires a certain amount of negotiation. As much as you have great anticipation to drive your first car you need to make the negotiation process enjoyable too.

With a few guidelines and preparation you can get the best car dealer offers for you.

Be Prepared by doing research long before meeting dealers. This early research would arm with some information to avoid looking completely as a novice. This would also help you check out their pricing and what generally acceptable.

Getting a good price on a new or used car starts weeks before you ever go to a dealer or other car seller.  

Find Good Deals by working with multiple dealers. Find out different deals they have to offer. Take advantage of special discount offers available. You do not need to travel distances to meet different dealers at a time, the internet has made it easy to meet several dealers and request for quotes at a short time.

Completing the Deal after getting an offer that meets your needs and budget. Get to negotiating and sealing the deal. While negotiating remember to ask if there is any hidden cost such as……


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